The 30A DEALS App

The 30A DEALS App

30A-DEALS-screenshot1. DOWNLOAD the 30A DEALS app on your iPhone or Android right now for just $9.99.


If you don’t have a smart phone, you can buy The 30A Card online or at The 30A Store in Gulf Place instead and still receive the same great local discounts!


2. SHOW the 30A DEALS app (or The 30A Card) in over 140 South Walton shops and restaurants. See a complete list below or use the 30A DEALS app to view all of the great deals that are closest to your current location.


3. SAVE money! The 30A DEALS app can easily pay for itself with a single use — and then you just keep saving, because the 30A DEALS app features new deals all year long!

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Use this map to find the 30A DEALS nearest you:

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If you have questions about the 30A DEALS app, please contact us. If you own a local shop or restaurant and would like to offer a special for 30A DEALS users, please contact us. It’s FREE promotion for your local business!

Please contact us with any questions. Click here to view the 30A DEALS Terms of Use.