SpockFor over 33 years, a seemingly random phrase has ricocheted around in my head over and over and over (and over) again:

“But there is the Mutara Nebula at one five three mark four.”

Sometimes, I accidentally say it out loud, and my wife, Angela, asks me what I’m mumbling about. Of course, I’m too embarrassed to tell her the truth. I’m a closet geek, and I’m afraid if she learns of it, she might finally leave me.

Sometimes, those fictional stellar coordinates might only cross my mind a few times a day. It’s even possible that there have been a few days over these many years when they haven’t entered into my thoughts at all. But on many days — and I mean this quite literally — that phrase has echoed through my mind dozens if not hundreds of times. Like a scratched record, a damaged hard drive, or a mind-meld gone terribly wrong, that single random line from an increasingly ancient sci-fi flick has somehow become irrevocably seared into my subconsciousness.

The year was 1982. The movie was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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Sammy Sanchez

Sammy Sanchez

This week, 30A Radio’s DAWN PATROL chats with South Walton Fire Department’s Fire Marshal Sammy Sanchez about what it’s like to be a lifeguard on 30A, sharks, wandering toddlers, and our ever-important beach safety flag system.

Plus, you’ll hear tunes from Led Zeppelin — all on this week’s episode of DAWN PATROL!


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From L to R: Chris Alvarado, Elenowen & Maggie Chapman

From L to R: Chris Alvarado, Elenowen & Maggie Chapman

This year’s Sandestin Wine Festival will feature some critically acclaimed up-and-comers from across the region.

The festival runs April 16-19, 2015. On Friday, Nashville’s own Maggie Chapman and local favs Free Monica will take the stage. Saturday will feature the Chris Alvarado Trio and former Voice sweethearts Elenowen. Elenowen and Maggie Chapman will also perform an intimate songwriter’s round at the exclusive VIP party on Saturday.

“We are excited to welcome two Nashville rising and buzz-worthy stars, as well as keep the local feel in place with South Walton musicians in an effort to continuously add to the mystique of this event as the ‘Kentucky Derby of wine festivals’,” said special event manager Julie Stuckey. “I know the Sandestin Wine Festival patrons will be impressed with the songwriting talent and charisma of these extremely talented performers. If they aren’t already household names, they will be.”

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10001547_876552895728727_5477965831584820099_nHalcyon Promise, the debut novel by independent author Kerry Brooks, is now available for sale. The first book in the “30A Promise” series is about good friends who come together along gorgeous Scenic Highway 30A to make a difference in their community.

After nearly 28 years being the best wife and mother she knew how to be, Deanna and her dog Jake find themselves hundreds of miles away and on their own. But what will the future hold for her now? How will she redefine herself? Join Deanna on her journey along 30A where she forms new friendships, explores the beautiful towns and natural coastal habitats, and embarks on her quest for purpose.

“This book was so much fun to write because every day it took me to the beaches of South Walton along Scenic Highway 30A,” Brooks said. “This is a place I love and visit as often as possible.”

Halcyon Promise is available through Amazon.com. For more info, visit Kerry Brooks Books, or follow Kerry on Facebook.

By Susan Vallee

It never fails, one of the first things new residents of 30A are shocked to learn is that curbside recycling isn’t the norm here. While other cities and towns have offered recycling services for years, our little slice of paradise has been a bit slow to catch on.

30A’s John Mark Turner is hoping to change all that with his company, Blu-Binz Curbside Recycling.

John Mark Turner hauls recyclables for his company Blu Binz Recycling.

John Mark Turner hauls recyclables for his company Blu-Binz Curbside Recycling.

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Pool and Cabana at The Pearl. Picture courtesy: Tommy Crow Photography

Pool and Cabana at The Pearl. Picture courtesy: Tommy Crow Photography

St. Joe Club & Resorts was a big winner in this year’s Forbes Travel Guide Star Ratings. Two hotels in it’s collection, WaterColor Inn & Resort and The Pearl Hotel, along with WaterColor Inn’s onsite restaurant, Fish Out of Water, received four-star ratings.

This is the first time that Forbes Travel Guide has named The Pearl Hotel, which opened in August 2013, to this prestigious list, and the first time Fish Out of Water received the honor. WaterColor Inn & Resort has maintained its four-star rating for three consecutive years.

In honor of the occasion, The Pearl Hotel is offering a special ‘Four-Star Experience’ package. Guests will receive a $444 hotel credit when they stay four nights so they can fully enjoy the hotel’s four-star amenities.

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