Blue Mountain Beach - 30A

Blue Mountain Beach

Said to be the highest point anywhere on the Gulf of Mexico (at a whopping elevation of 64 feet), “Blue Mountain Beach” is hardly a mountain… but at least they got the beach part right. As for the blue? Folks say it likely originated from the blue lupine flowers that still flourish between the homes here. At one time, they blanketed these Gulf-side hills.

Blue Lupines likely gave Blue Mountain Beach its name.

Today, Blue Mountain Beach consists mostly of private residences, but like the lupines, there are also a few funky local businesses sprinkled in for good measure. Don’t miss a chance to marvel at Justin Gaffrey’s Art Gallery (look for the colorful paintings that are frequently on display on dusty road on the north side of 30A).

For The Health Of It is a favorite local health food store. Right across 30A is an assortment of great local restaurants and pubs that cater to the other end of the dietary spectrum.

Looking for bike rentals or repairs? The team at Big Daddy’s is ever-helpful, and hey, you’re already atop the highest point in South Walton, so it’s all downhill from here….

Beach Happy ????️???? Blue Mountain Beach

BLUE MOUNTAIN BEACH ????️???? The first place we visit in 30A’s new BEACH HAPPY series! Even though we can’t be out on the beach today, we’re very honored to be able to share fun stories from the coast…

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Posted by 30A on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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