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Intro to Portrait Drawing

Intro to Portrait Drawing

Thursday, May 16
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Panama City Center for the Arts
19 E 4th Street ,
Panama City,, Florida 32401


Join instructor Steven as he will be introducing basic techniques for drawing a portrait. The foundation of this class is based on learning to see and comprehend detail and how to translate that detail to paper using basic graphite pencils. Please see below for a brief description of each weeks lesson plan.
Day 1: Learning to See
Objective: To develop the foundational skills necessary for accurate observation and depiction of facial features.
•Breaking down details into simple lines and shapes
•Practice identifying basic shapes within facial features.
•Experiment with simplifying complex features into manageable elements.
•Understanding contrast in grayscale
Day 2: Techniques
Objective: To refine drawing skills and explore various rendering techniques for portraying facial features realistically.
•Learn how to render a face by combining line & shape details
•Study the anatomy of facial features and proportions.
•Practice integrating lines and shapes to depict features accurately.
•Learn pencil holding techniques, postures, & movements to achieve the desired effect
Day 3: Reflection
Objective: To assess progress, share insights, and integrate learning experiences with peers.
•Review work with fellow students
•Share learning experience and leverage knowledge & techniques
•Discuss challenges faced and strategies employed during the learning process.
•Share tips and tricks for overcoming common obstacles in portrait drawing.
•Discuss the versatility of portrait drawing skills in other mediums such as painting and digital art.
Day 4: Have Fun!
Objective: To apply acquired skills and knowledge to complete creative projects with enthusiasm and confidence.
•Use knowledge to complete projects
•Apply techniques learned throughout the workshop to create finished portrait drawings.
•Explore personal style and artistic expression in completing projects.
•Thursday, May 9
•Thursday, May 16
•Thursday, May 23
•Thursday, May 30
Every Thursday, May 9 – 30
Ages: 16 & up
Cost: $125 Member/ $135 Non-member
All supplies are included.
You can sign up in person (19 E 4th St), by phone (850.640.3670) or on our website at

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