Kids Helping kids - 30A

Kids Helping kids

Kids Helping kids

Tuesday, July 12
11:30 am - 9:00 pm

63 Hotz Ave
Grayton Beach, Florida 32459


Giving a little means A LOT and in the true spirit of Thanks”giving”, we’re hoping to help a fun, loveable boy named Axel that loves pets and watching Harry Potter! Axel has difficulty communicating and due to his family history he has a high risk of being diagnosed with Autism. Our wish is to provide Axel with the right tools and environment to reach his developmental goals.
This sponsorship will cover his full-time tuition at South Walton Academy. At the Academy, Axel has the opportunity to work on his social skills, functional play, and communication through specialized learning that is centered around pediatric therapy.
Y-O-U can help Axel in 2 ways:
1. Ask our server how you can donate.
2. For every kids meal purchased, we will donate $1 to Axel’s tuition.

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