Summer 2023 Nature Adventures: Adventure 6-8 - 30A


Summer 2023 Nature Adventures: Adventure 6-8

Summer 2023 Nature Adventures: Adventure 6-8

Tuesday, May 30
8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Wild Life 30A Nature School
2078 US Hwy 98 Unit #105-165
Santa Rosa Beach , 32459


Wild Life 30A strives to cultivate each child’s innate curiosity and inspire them to engage in outdoor play that leads to adventure, practical skills, and a deep and lasting connection with nature through our one-day camps during both the summer and school year.

Our tropical outdoor nature adventures encourage kids to explore, connect, and learn about the ecology of our dune lakes, beach habitats, and wildlife, among others, in an immersive, hands-on experience amidst the stunning beauty of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida along 30A.

At Wild Life 30A, your child can look forward to an exciting day filled with various activities, including learning primitive fishing techniques, developing wilderness skills, tracking native animals, identifying edible plants in their natural habitat, expressing their creativity through nature-inspired arts and crafts projects, and going on guided treasure hunts in the forest.

Our unique program utilizes nature games, outdoor adventures, captivating storytelling, nature-based crafts, and wilderness skill-building to enhance your child’s physical skills, coordination, intuition, and knowledge.

Ultimately, this newfound confidence will empower them to explore the great outdoors with a lifelong sense of wonder, value, and connection to creation.

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