Experience Digital Graffiti Virtually From Home: May 11 – 17

While the beloved annual Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach has been rescheduled for October 2-3, 2020, a virtual celebration has been planned for the original dates of the event. #DGfromhome will be hosted on the Alys Beach Instagram and Facebook pages as well as on 30A.com, during the week of May 11 to 17, 2020.

In keeping with the full Digital Graffiti experience, #DGfromhome will be an immersive, participatory virtual event. The digital artwork created and carefully curated for the festival is designed for an interactive experience, and audience engagement transforms the art and informs the creative process.

Since people are unable to gather and interact with the art projected onto the iconic white architecture of Alys Beach, everyone is invited to come together in family groups to project/display/interact with these artworks in their own homes.

#DGfromhome will celebrate the festival from years past, offer interviews with past DG artists and a message from the event curator, stream a live DJ set and partners 30A.com will host DG-themed trivia, in addition to providing the public with artwork for digital display in their own backyard, living room, (makeshift) theater…anywhere they can comfortably and safely enjoy this intimate Digital Graffiti experience. Screen, TV, laptop or phone, participants can immerse themselves in the creativity and innovation of Digital Graffiti with their own #DGfromhome adventures. Logistics will be simple and easy, with a resource for information, tips and FAQ’s provided here.

Check out the schedule for the virtual events below:

For anyone wishing to participate in #DGfromhome, email events@alysbeach.com. The Events Team will email a dropbox link to download the #DGfromhome digital art loop on Monday, May 11th.

Virtual attendees can share their #DGfromhome experiences, including past Digital Graffiti festival moments, via social media and/or by emailing images to events@alysbeach.com.

For more info, visit Digital Graffiti or follow them on  Instagram and Facebook.

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