30A.com Launches New Version of 30A iPhone App

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Scenic Highway 30A, Florida – (December 29, 2009) – 30A.com announced a major upgrade of its popular iPhone application today. The free 30A iPhone application (also known as an “app”) is an interactive real-time guide to local restaurants, daily events and activities along Scenic Highway 30A in Florida’s Walton County.

“Version 3.0 is really a huge leap forward,” said 30A’s Mike Ragsdale. “In addition to local events and restaurants, the new app also features daily news, interactive photo galleries, streaming videos, integrated Google mapping, and even the ability to share local event and restaurant information on Facebook.”

Ragsdale said that the 30A iPhone app already reaches thousands of locals and visitors, with the number of new users growing every day.

“People tell us that they use the app every day for dining ideas or to plan their activities,” said Ragsdale. “Now you can watch local videos and share photos of life and events here along 30A, all on your phone.”

According to Apple’s iTunes Store, the majority of 30A iPhone users have awarded the app a perfect “5-Star” rating.

“We’ll be traveling to the area, and have already used it to see what’s going on around New Years,” posted one user. “I’ve also used the search feature to find a restaurant, touch on the phone number and make reservations.”

Ragsdale said that the company also plans to develop for other “smart phones,” but is waiting to see which platform will emerge to compete with Apple’s iPhone, which has sold over over 24 million units as of July.

“Although there are more Blackberry users, the iPhone is clearly a more advanced platform, technologically speaking, and it remains to be seen who will emerge as Apple’s primary competitor in the smart phone space,” said Ragsdale. “It could be Blackberry, Google Android, Symbian, or someone else… but whoever it is, we’re ready.”

Version 3.0 is now available for free download through Apple’s App Store, which can be accessed on iTunes or using any iPhone.