Premium 30A Wine® from Oregon’s Willamette Valley - 30A


Premium 30A Wine® from Oregon’s Willamette Valley

By: Kristy Gustafson | Posted Jun 7, 2021

The world-famous 30A beach brand partnered with wine industry legend Chan Cox of the Wine World empire to curate and launch a full new line of premium 30A brand wines, including 30A Chardonnay, 30A Cabernet Sauvignon, 30A Pinot Noir, 30A Rosé, 30A Rosé Bubbles in cans and the 30A 2021 Rosé from Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, France.

“Great wine is an essential part of the 30A lifestyle,” said Cox, a well-known innovator, and leader in the beer, wine, and spirits industry for 50 years. “Most people plan their wine around their food. I plan my food around my wine. These new 30A wines have been specifically curated for coastal cuisine and to complement the 30A beach lifestyle.”

Cox personally curated all of the new 30A wines from Willamette Valley, Oregon. “Willamette Valley produces extraordinary wines that pair perfectly with our coastal cuisine,” said Cox. “We’ve hand-selected wines that really capture our coastal palate and culture.”

“The wines really reflect the 30A lifestyle in the glass, whether at the dinner table or in the picnic blanket,” said Doug Cohen of Salt Wine Company, who produces the wine.

Why Willamette Valley, Oregon?

Conveniently for wine producers and wine lovers, Oregon just so happens to be on the same parallel as the south of France. Like its European counterpart, Oregon is now recognized as one of the premier wine-producing regions in the world. Even so, winemaking in Oregon’s Willamette Valley barely dates back 50 years. While the region is widely known for its award-winning Pinot Noir, the valley’s cool, wet climate is ideal for a range of other notable varieties as well.

 “Some fruits do better in cooler climates,” said Chan, who noted that Oregon wines are leading the field by far. “They’re outperforming California wines tremendously in growth right now as people move towards these cooler climate wines. They’re more balanced and complement food really well, making them especially suitable for the dining table.”

“We are very excited to be working with Salt Wine Company and wine industry legend Chan Cox to create these premium 30A-brand wines,” said Robert Moshier, COO of NW Wine. “The winemaking team of Anne Sery and Brian Irvine, under the direction of CEO and Executive Winemaker Laurent Montalieu, have created elegant wines from estate-grown grapes handled with the utmost care.”

30A Chardonnay (Willamette Valley, Oregon • 2019)

30A Chardonnay ($17.99) boasts aromas of tropical fruits, vanilla, clementine and orange blossoms. Your palate might also pick up hints of peach cobbler, with a layered, spicy, vibrant finish.

“30A Chardonnay is my new house white,” said Chan.“It has Chablis-like characteristics, with a little more roundness before the vibrant finish. On the nose, it is clean with fresh minerality and bright fruit. The palate is complex with citrus, orange blossom and fresh white peach notes. The crisp acidity balances the fruit beautifully into a lingering finish. This is an American Chardonnay for Chablis drinkers. It’s truly an outstanding value.”

The 30A Chardonnay was featured by Forbes in their 2022 roundup of noteworthy summer chardonnay!

30A Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley, Oregon • 2019)

30A Pinot Noir ($22.99) aromas include dark, sweet blackberry, vanilla bean, cedar, and rose/violet. It’s best served at 55-60 degrees. “30A Pinot Noir has forward fruit, red and black cherry, with silky tannins and a clean finish,” said Chan. “It’s ideal for a versatile pairing with our coastal seafood dishes.”

30A Rosé (Willamette Valley, Oregon • 2020)

30A Rosé is a celebration of springtime,” said Chan. “It has a zesty, Mandarin Orange, vibrant finish.” Aromas hint of strawberry, white peach, and orange blossom. ($17.99)

30A Rosé Bubbles (Willamette Valley, Oregon)

Hand-harvested from Willamette Valley grapes and fermented in stainless steel tanks, 30A Rosé Bubbles truly embodies everything one could want from a refreshing beach beverage. Best of all, 30A Rosé Bubbles are served in beach-friendly cans (no glass on the beach!). Light is a natural enemy of fine wine and cans prevent light from damaging wine flavor profiles. 30A Rosé Bubbles’ strawberry scent will initially tickle your nose, while the vibrant mandarine orange nuance will wake up your palate. Be careful though: Each can contains 375ml of wine, which equals half a bottle!

30A 2021 Rosé from Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, France

And Chan struck gold again with 30A’s latest, a rose from Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, France, the cradle of pink wine. GET IT HERE ($14.99).

“The best rosés in the world are made in Provence. Our goal is to find the best wines anywhere for 30A so we purchased an entire container direct from the producer, without several different importers and distributors adding to the cost. We got the best rosé for a better value to the consumer,” Cox said.

30A rosé wine is a blend of Syrah (40%), Grenache  noir (30%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%). This wine is characterized by its aromatic richness, complexity and freshness. The grapes are harvested at sunrise when temperatures are as low as possible. It benefits from the limestone present in the geology of the region, delivering full fruit tempered by crisp acidity. A glass brings you right to fields of lavender, craggy mountain racing roads, and luxurious coast that are hallmarks of Provence.

Enjoy this friendly rosé as an aperitif, accompaniment to crisp summer salads, or coastal seafood. Or just grab a glass to toast the sun as it descends on another beach-filled day.

Ask for 30A Wine in your favorite local markets and restaurants. For distribution of 30A Wines, please contact Ryan Wells at [email protected]


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