7 Reasons Beach People are the Happiest People

Life is better at the beach. You don’t have to worry about work, you’re enjoying some fun in the sun and all around you just feel happier. In fact, there is research to show that the being at the beach affects your brain in

If you’ve ever given any thought to it, you might have noticed that people who love the beach are some of the happiest people around — even when we’re not sipping a cold drink with our toes in the sand and the breeze in our hair. We’re just a different kind of breed.

Here’s why beach people are the happiest people:

1. Beach people love going on adventures.

We love going to the beach, but also just being outdoors and being active. We’re happier people because we realize that every day of life should be full of fun and adventure. Why not?

2. Beach people are laid-back.

While we love adventure, we also know how to take a day off and just relax. A leisurely day doesn’t mean staying inside, though, instead it’s a day at the beach or poolside, lounging somewhere beautiful that reminds us of all the positive things in life.

3. Low maintenance.

We appreciate the simple things in life. Sunsets. Dinner with family and friends. A refreshing swim. Perhaps most importantly, flip-flops. Beach hair. Comfy, breathable clothes. Life at the beach is simple, we don’t need much to make it spectacular.

4. Happy on any budget.

Besides finding a place to stay, the beach is FREE! Just slap on some sunscreen, put on your swimsuit, grab a beach towel and your sunglasses and put a cold drink in a cup like this one from 30A Gear and you’re ready for a great day.

5. Beach people know how to unplug.

The beach is a great place to unplug from technology and simply enjoy the earth’s beauty without the distractions of the digital world. People who can step away from technology for a few hours each day are simply happier people. We know how to slow down, look around us and unplug. (We even celebrate this philosophy on one of our newest Dumpster Diver tees!)

6. Beach people are flexible.

Beach people can handle sand getting in their bathing suits, an unexpected pop-up thunderstorm, a little seaweed. We plan ahead but are ready to just go with the flow, not get frustrated or annoyed with the little things life throws our way.

7. Beach people are optimists.

Being at the beach makes you feel ready for anything … rain or shine it’s still a beautiful day at the edge of the sand and sea. We’re just along for the journey and we take that philosophy into all our challenges in life.


Now you have it … it’s true, beach people really are the happiest people on earth. Can you think of some more reasons why? Please send them to feedback@30a.com.

Happy Beaching!

Mitch Jaugstetter is now officially a beach person. He may never go home.
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