Top Books About South Walton and 30A - 30A

Top Books About South Walton and 30A

Posted Feb 12, 2020

As our small corner of the world grows, so does its library.

From coffee table books filled with gorgeous photography to novels full of intrigue, taking home a bit of 30A is easy to do.

Two of the last great independent bookstores in the country are located right here. Sundog Books in Seaside and Hidden Lantern Bookstore in Rosemary Beach. They’ve got your literary hook up.

Rare Coastal Dune Lakes: Biodiversity and a Sense of Home on 30A

Locally sourced photographers and even local printing makes this original Coastal Dune Lake book by Ginger Sinton extra special.

Follow along as each of our 15 rare coastal dune lakes is explored with great insight and spectacular photography.


We think more books have probably been written about this small 80-acre community, founded in 1980, than any other place in South Walton. Writer and photographer Steven Brooke gained unique insight into the birth to Seaside. With nearly two hundred lush color photographs, Brooke takes the reader from the earliest pioneer stages of the town to its development as an emerging cultural and intellectual center. These are some of the most quintessential Seaside images ever captured.

Sunsets of 30A

Over 130 photographers – including locals, tourists, amateurs and professionals – have captured the magic of the stunning sunsets found on our beaches, lakes and more locales. Each image is accompanied by a quote from the photographer, and each time you open the book you can relive the emotion of the gorgeous 30A sunsets. The book was created and edited by Cindy Moskovitz.

Meet Me on 30A

History, photography and recipes are highlighted as the beach towns, artsy villages, and planned communities along 30A are explored with thoughtful commentary by local resident Susan Vallee.

30A Supper Club

Authored by Liza Elliott, this book is for fiction lovers. It’s tale of a found gold coin that leads one woman on a quest where her long-time friends and members of the 30A Supper Club both reveal and protect family secrets dating back to the Civil War. Talk about 30A intrigue!

Goodnight, 30A

Goodnight 30A features iconic images from the South Walton area.

The perfect way to say goodnight to your youngest beach fans, this colorful, delightful children’s book written by Grace Hammond Skertich has one-of-a-kind illustrations by David Lynch. Having this book in your child’s library means your grandkids and their kids will love it just as much, as this book will certainly be passed down.

The 30A Coloring Book

Imagined by Noelle Tabor and hand-illustrated by Ginny-Beth Joiner, there are hours of fun to be had by kids and adults alike as you color your way through some of the most recognizable places and scenery on 30A.

Rosemary Beach

Renowned photographer, artist, and author Richard Sexton describes and documents the innovative design of Rosemary Beach, Florida. In his book, he explains its success, significance, and uniqueness within the New Urbanism movement.

Grayton Winds

In this classic historical fiction love story and family saga – authored by Michael Lindley – Mathew Coulter seeks refuge in remote Grayton Beach to escape his ruthless family who control the liquor trade in 1920s Atlanta.

30A Living

The newest book from local resident Eleanor Lynn Nesmith and photographer Jean Allsop, this beautiful coffee table entry features hundreds of images and explores nine of the colorful towns along 30A, giving a rare glimpse inside eighteen inspiring homes from Santa Rosa Beach to Alys Beach.

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