Meet the Georgia Artist Inspired by 30A Every Day - 30A

Meet the Georgia Artist Inspired by 30A Every Day

Posted Sep 5, 2018

Social media allows for us to find, to connect, and to engage with brands and people who share our same interests and passions. When we came across Roswell, Georgia-based artist Brynn Casey on Instagram and her gorgeous paintings of the beaches of 30A, we just had to know more.

Her first 30A collection was a success, and she knew she would continue the tradition because the inspiration was still very strong.

Brynn has finished work on her second series of 30A inspired paintings. The collection is light, airy and certainly brings to mind the easiness of beach life here in our corner of the world.

“I love the way that everyone treats everyone. It is such a friendly, go with the flow environment. It makes me feel at rest and like I can be myself.

Brynn Casey

“It is so family friendly, inclusive, and there is always something fun to do for everyone,” Brynn says about 30A. “Artistically, this ‘mood’ finds its way into my artwork through the different colors I use as well as the compositions.

I photograph thousands of ocean photos while I am visiting and bring them back to the studio with me so I can bring the true 30A feels into the work!”

You can see the love for the area in every delicate and detailed brush stroke on each piece, some of which can take up to 15 hours to complete. Brynn and her family have been coming to the area since she was a kid during school holidays – her mom was a teacher – and for those from the Atlanta area, “30A has always been THE beach destination for all of us ATL-iens” said Brynn.

Artist Brynn Casey

Continuing into her adult life, 30A has consistently been a place of rest, rejuvenation, and just fun. With the Gulf and water works even inspiring her during her time as she was earning her BFA in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia, Lamar Dodd School of Art. Now married to her high school sweetheart, they both have memories of going down to 30A with friends when they were teens. She says it’s a great experience to come back as a couple and enjoy the beach, restaurants, and hotels together.

When asked if she was ready to run away to the beach for something more permanent, she replied, “Sometimes I consider what an absolute dream that would be… I still feel my heart skip a beat like it did when I was a little girl whenever we cross over the bridge to get to the ocean whenever we get the chance to take a vacation there.”

But ultimately, beyond loving their community and family life in GA, there’s something special about taking a break and falling in love with 30A all over again each trip. For now, she has her pieces to remind her of the beauty and luster… until her next trip.

See more of Brynn’s work at and on Instagram

JESSICA ROBERTS is a freelance writer and marketing/event manager living in Santa Rosa Beach. When not working or writing, you’ll find her out on the water or traveling somewhere new.