Coastal Biplane: Soaring with the Spirit of 30A - 30A

Coastal Biplane: Soaring with the Spirit of 30A

Coastal Biplane is the new ride in town. Next time your feet are in the sand, look up and you may just catch a glimpse of a red biplane cruising the coastline 500 sea-salty feet up. And it isn’t just any red. The actual color is called Ferrari Red.

Fittingly named by owner and pilot Heath Buckley, the ‘Spirit of 30A’ is an open cockpit Waco YMF-5 biplane with a 7-cylinder, 300-HP radial engine.

Even though it was built in 2010, the plane has the timeless look and feel of classic 1930’s aircraft design with the advances of today’s safety standards and digital instruments. The red stunner seats two side-by-side passengers while the pilot, retired Army aviator and flight instructor Buckley, delivers aerial thrills from the rear cockpit.