Digital Graffiti Exhibits - 30A

Digital Graffiti Exhibits

Digital Graffiti received hundreds of submissions this year from artists all over the world. As you tour the streets of Alys Beach this weekend, look for small signs with numbers that correspond to each of this year’s 23 finalists:

1. “Permanent Impression” by Shane Sauer and Justin Lyons (Destin, Florida)

An exploration of permanents, street art, and first impressions.

2. “Some Kind of Nature” by Sean Van Praag (Cincinnati, Ohio)

A journey through a neon plastic world.

3. “Doggone” by Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer (New York, New York)

A one-minute lyrical abstract animation that will loop seamlessly, created on an iPad and finished in After Effects.

4. “Power 1” by Molly Bradbury (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Power 1 layers monuments of the power grid into a haunting experience.

5. “The Third Picture” by Julie Nymann (Brooklyn, New York)

Between still and moving: What is the future of the image?

6. “PBnJ” by Zhenzhen Qi (New York, New York)

Peanut butter goes on a little adventure to rescue his new friend, Jelly.

7. “Cantaloupe Visions” by Brian Ratigan (Jacksonville, Florida)

This short film is a visual collage of double-exposed 8mm footage, as if twin perspectives of one mind had been overlapping and forgotten all this time.

8. “Night” by Yang Wang (New York, New York)

Life is like stumbling through darkness in the middle of the night.

9. “Soul Seasons” by Holly Danger (Stamford, Connecticut)

Soul Seasons parallels the life cycles in nature to our own human experiences of change, finding synchronicity and falling in love with moments in time.

10. “Oczka” by Kasia Knap (Kingston, Canada)

A projection installation interpreting the violence of appetite, this video was originally projected into broth in a tall pot that my family makes Polish soup in, animating the small circles of fat, colloquially known as “oczeta”, that form on the surface layer of broth.

11. “Citystream” by Jason Bernagozzi (Rochester, New York)

Citystream is a multi-channel HD video installation about the city of Syracuse as a complex organism going through liminal states of being and change.

12. “Anatomy of Sound” by Slawomir Szostak (Torun, Poland)

This work illustrates sound as a small molecule that is alive, responsive and modulating.

13. “Ohio Skyscape” by Kate Shannon (Mansfield, Ohio)

A tiny gorilla balloon advertisement penetrates a beautiful Ohio sky and competes for your attention.

14. “Smash TV-Memorex” by Brendan Shields (Brooklyn, New York)

Smash TV-Memorex is a 50-minute VJ odyssey, sourced from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes.

15. “Game Over” by Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib (Rash Guilan, Iran)

In a war game, four rockets try to destroy the world. But children who live in the game find a way to stop them.

16. “Promise” by Victoria Febrer & Pedro J. Padilla (Astoria, New York)

A lone flower appears before a desolate but fleeting landscape, forcing us to consider our actual surroundings as they become brightly lit and populated with hundreds of flowers.

17. “Voronoi Night” by Muharrem Yildirim and Matthew Briggs (Tempe, Arizona)

Points for the Voronoi Diagram can be mapped on the building, so the overall composition matches to the architecture. Moving points modify the diagram in real time and these moving sections/points generate sound depending on how big/small that they get.

18. “Skygger” by Kristian Kragelund (Brooklyn, New York)

Skygger is a visualization of the absence of matter and what is left behind when everything is removed or taken away from a given space.

19. “Landscape” by Anabel Costa (Paris, France)

Landscape is what can be seen — not in physical terms — but as an outward expression of human perception. A landscape is a cultural image, a pictorial way of representing, structuring or symbolising surroundings, so it will always be a personal take on an area of land, of human elements buildings or structures with a cultural and aesthetic dimension.

20. “5 Dancing Angels” by Nick Rands (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

A digital animation of 2,000 line drawings based on photographs of people taken every 100 paces on a 2,000-pace walk, repeated 100 times in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

21. “Tough Guys” by Don Relyea (Dallas, Texas)

Tough guys in bright colors.

22. “Highway Night (Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self-similarity)” by Steve Kornicki (Melbourne, Florida)

The video consists of lights upon a highway at night filmed from a moving car in central Florida (U.S. 1), with the final images being manipulated with speed changes, producing kinetic patterns of color and light that appear to dance in geometric configurations.

23. “She Leaves the City” by Brian James McGuire (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

A woman desires more than what her life is like in the city.


In addition to the digital artwork of the 23 featured finalists, guests will enjoy California native and aerialist Lesley Vaughn as she performs with fluidity, beauty and power in the air. Attendees may also become part of a larger-than-life installation created by Shantell Martin, who was previously featured at DG2011 and recently on Jimmy Kimmel.

Alys Beach’s Central Park will be the hub of more fun in the form of Lite Brite Jumbo, an exhibit that will incite childhood nostalgia, and Cosmo Pod, a projection augmented sculpture in the form of a large dodecahedron constructed from reclaimed molded packaging foam on a wood structure. Both installations debuted at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

Other WOW-factors will be nestled along the path to the architecturally-acclaimed Caliza Pool where guests will dance Saturday night away to the dynamic music mixing by DJ Wizz Kid with special guests John and Katie Gaiser — VJs who mix and manipulate video live and on the spot.

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