30A’s Dumpster Diver Line of Recycled Apparel Expands Across the U.S.

When Alex Matthews first got her hands on 30A’s new recycled Dumpster Diver t-shirts and apparel, she was instantly excited.

“We loved the feel of the shirt — it’s so soft,” said Mathews, who orders clothing for On the Beach, a beach lifestyle store that has been located on South Padre Island, Texas, for over 30 years. “We looked at the graphics and we thought they were so neat, unlike anything else we’ve seen, and we loved the story behind it.”

The Dumpster Diver line, the latest innovation from The 30A Company, launched last summer.

The shirts, polos, hoodies and other items for women, men and kids are made from recycled plastic bottles, helping divert trash from landfills and waterways across the Southeast.

“Anybody who lives on the water or is involved in water activities and the beach lifestyle is concerned about the environment,” said Mathews. “Being on the beach, we notice the trash that’s washing up all the time. It’s important to support companies that are trying to clean it up and make a difference.”

On the Beach opened in 1976 on South Padre Island, Texas.

On the Beach and over 20 other retailers across the country have recently added the Dumpster Diver line to their inventory. Locations range from Juno Beach, in South Florida, to Grandhaven, Michigan; from Dallas, Texas, to Raleigh, North Carolina; with more locations being added every week.

(See the full growing list of 30A retail partners.)

Click here for an interactive map of our 30A Gear and Dumpster Diver retail partner locations.

The story behind the shirts and their unique designs resonates with retailers reaching an audience of beach and outdoor lifestyle lovers of all ages. They are hung on racks alongside well-known national brands such as Patagonia, Prana, Life is Good, Roxy, Billabong and Columbia.

“We’re extremely proud to expand our Dumpster Diver line,” said JoAnn Ribaudo, chief operating officer of The 30A Company. “These soft, breathable shirts are having an immediate impact on our environment, while keeping in line with the uplifting, beach-loving message we’ve been sharing with our fans since the company launched in 2007.”

This Dumpster Diver shirt saved about eight 16-ounce water bottles from going into our landfills and waterways.

On the Beach at South Padre Island, Texas, is an ideal fit for the Dumpster Diver line.

Only about five miles of the small island on the Gulf of Mexico are actually inhabited, while the rest is protected, natural land, Mathews noted.

Many people who live or visit there have an innate desire to protect the environment and an interest in keeping beaches clean.

Mathews said she thinks her customers will like the Beach Bungalow design, which features a hermit crab, and especially Green Power, with a hand-drawn sea turtle. Right down the street from On the Beach is a sea turtle sanctuary, a tourist draw that is also helping protect the endangered species and their nesting habitats.

30A’s Dumpster Diver apparel line features t-shirts, polos, hoodies, beach coverups, tanks and more, all made from recycled plastic.

Mathews started working at On the Beach as a sales clerk when she was in high school, and 20 years later, she’s never left. The island has a great feel to it that makes it hard to succumb to any grass-is-greener tendencies.

“It’s a laid-back environment,” she said. “It’s just a happy place.”

If you are interested in carrying the Dumpster Diver recycled apparel line in your store, please contact us. Learn more about Dumpster Diver here and see all our recycled designs at 30Agear.com.

Emeril Lagasse recently featured the new line on his program Emeril’s Florida:

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