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Justin Gaffrey Studio / Gallery

Justin Gaffrey Studio / Gallery

Over the years, Justin Gaffrey has become 30A’s signature artist, with his unique “sculpting with paint” technique.

Justin’s style of work is instantly recognizable. His Studio / Gallery in Blue Mountain Beach has also become a “must see” local attraction.

Once a renowned chef and South Walton restaurant owner, Justin left the daily grind of the restaurant business in 2001 to instead pursue the full-time creative lifestyle of a visual artist. With a palette knife and pure acrylic paints, Justin sculpts vibrant, deeply textured and multi-dimensional works of art. And although many of his works are wildly colorful, Justin also works with softer palettes, and even occasionally sculpts entirely in white.

Justin Gaffrey Gallery

Have you ever visited Justin Gaffrey Gallery in Blue Mountain Beach? Open to the public, the gallery features some of 30A’s most iconic images… and some unexpected treasures:

Posted by 30A on Tuesday, 21 August 2018

While Justin’s subject matter varies as well, his works predominantly reflect the natural beauty that he finds along Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A.

Today, Justin’s works are widely sought-after and grace both private homes and public venues around the world. All of his works are originals and are sold exclusively through his Gallery in Seaside, Florida and his Gallery / Studio in Blue Mountain Beach.

For more information about Justin and his extraordinary art, check out www.justingaffrey.com. He also has a colorful Facebook fan page, featuring daily updates and insights into his unique artistic style.


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