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From Bayou to Billboard: Lauren Daigle Brings Hymns of Happiness to Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend

By: Gen Handley | Posted Apr 20, 2024

Growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana, singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle’s music has deep spiritual roots. Louisiana, known as the cradle of jazz, is also a fertile ground for gospel, rock and roll, country, and a myriad of genres that resonate with the state’s pioneering spirit. The Bayou State has given rise to a host of diverse and famed musicians, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Lil Wayne, Tim McGraw, The Revivalists, Jon Batiste, Britney Spears, Trombone Shorty, and Lucinda Williams.

Daigle has been captivating audiences worldwide since her debut album How Can It Be in 2015, winning Grammys and hearts with her fervent songs and infectious zeal.

This passion is evident in her latest, self-titled album, which made an impressive debut at No. 21 on the US Billboard 200 last year.

One of the most uplifting tracks from that album, “These Are the Days,” is a spiritual rallying cry. No matter what your denomination may be, Daigle encourages the listener right away:

People out there, people out there
Let go of your cares
Turn your cries into loud hallelujahs
This is what we came for, oh yeah
Leave all your worries behind
We know the future’s burnin’ bright
This is the great jubilation
This is what He came for, what He came for

Daigle’s musical palette, as colorful and varied as her home state, will be showcased at the Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend at Miramar Beach, Florida. This three-night event from April 25 to 27 features an impressive lineup, including Grammy winner Jon Batiste and Christian artist Kari Jobe.

In a conversation with Beach Happy, Daigle shared her excitement about performing at the music event, what attendees can expect, as well as who or what energizes her positive music.

In your view, what is the essence of happiness? How does music act as a catalyst in your pursuit of happiness?

I think taking time to enjoy the little things and come together with others ushers in the purest form of happiness. I feel like music has allowed me to appreciate the world around me more deeply and has given me the chance to look beyond myself.

In your live performances, do you find yourself more immersed in your own musical world or deeply connected with the audience?

There’s a little bit of both. Being on stage and performing these songs is so magical and seeing how people react to the music ignites my creativity. P

erforming live is one of my greatest joys. Being able to play off everyone’s energy is absolutely incredible. There’s nothing like it.

What are a few of the current sources of inspiration and energy for your music?

PEOPLE! That is my biggest inspiration. Seeing different cities, meeting people, and hearing their stories opens up a well of creativity within me and keeps me going.

What advice would you give to your fans about finding happiness in their lives and the role that music can play in that journey?

I would say, “Slow down and look up.” I’ve found that we spend so much time on social media and comparing ourselves to others when we can be living life, not missing anything. There is music everywhere, you just have to take a moment to listen.

Your performance at Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend in Miramar Beach is highly anticipated. Do you have a personal connection to the area?

I have spent a lot of time in the 30A area, and I love it here. When we thought of a Beach Weekend, I knew this was the right place.

The anticipation for surprise elements and special guests at the Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend is high. Can you give us a hint of what fans might expect?

This is the first time I’ve done something like this, and I’m so thrilled! It’s going to be such a fun and immersive event and having so many friends join me is just the icing on the cake. I’m going to be playing songs from all my albums, including some songs I haven’t performed in a minute. I can barely contain my excitement!

To learn more about Lauren Daigle, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend in Miramar Beach, visit


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