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About Daytrader Tiki Bar & Restaurant:

Seaside is opening its very own tiki bar, Daytrader, which offers an escape from the mundane. It’s opening in the former Pizza Bar space – which has since moved under Bud & Alley’s – and offers locals and visitors the chance to feel like they’re on vacation.

The bar’s mission: “To trade in, for just a moment, the life in the suburbs — of Zoom calls and closing bells, of slacks and ties, of the office and the cubicle, or the kids and the carpool lines,” Daytrader promises. “To escape the fever pitch of phone calls for the fever dream of island fantasia, of otherworldliness, of escape.”

The Daytrader Tiki Bar & Restaurant draws inspiration from the countries and cuisines found in Polynesia with a respectable nod to Hawaii and tiki culture.

Upcoming Events at Daytrader Tiki Bar & Restaurant:

  • There are currently no special events scheduled at Daytrader Tiki Bar & Restaurant. For a complete list of today’s events, click here.
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