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Medical House Calls Expands Urgent Care Services to 30A

By: Martin Liptrot | Posted Apr 10, 2024

Medical House Calls, a bespoke at-home medical service, is coming to the beach.

The Middle Tennessee-based business is now expanding its services to Walton County and the 30A area, catering to both locals and tourists needing personalized health care. Their service area stretches from Miramar Beach to Rosemary Beach, including all your favorite locations in between and throughout the greater Santa Rosa Beach area.

With a team of locally qualified medical professionals, Medical House Calls now offers 30A residents and visitors a contemporary way to get quality care with the convenience and luxury of ‘one-to-one’ medical services at home, including urgent care, IV therapy, weight loss, and more.

About Medical House Calls

Medical House Calls was founded in 2020 to meet the healthcare needs of those who prefer at-home services rather than going to an urgent care clinic, a doctor’s office, or a hospital.

“COVID really changed much of how we all thought about and accessed a wide range of services,” a company representative exclusively told

“There is now a significant demand for medical services to be delivered at home—rather than having to schedule, travel to, and wait for an appointment—and our ‘at-home’ services meet that need.”

As medical bills and insurance continue to skyrocket in price, the company also has a transparent ‘flat fee’ payment system offering pricing at a fraction of the cost of the average emergency room or hospital visit.

And the process is easy and straightforward, too.

“All visits start with a simple phone call or text with one of our medical providers to determine your needs,” the company spokesman explains.

“After answering a few questions, you will schedule your appointment at a convenient time – same-day appointments are available, and next-day appointments are guaranteed. Then a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant will arrive at your door at the agreed-upon time, and you and your loved ones will be feeling better in no time.”

At-Home Urgent Care

It doesn’t seem that long ago that ‘house calls’ by medics were a widely offered and appreciated service – local doctors and nurses with a congenial bedside manner coming to your home to administer care and treatment.

Medical House Calls is returning this service with a modern twist in 30A. They provide the same services as urgent care clinics, plus a wide range of preventative healthcare treatments, all with the added convenience of patients staying at home.

“For families living or vacationing at the beach, if you, your child, or family member are suffering from a cold, an ear or eye infection, a sports injury, sunburn, or a jellyfish sting, our services have you covered and can take the stress out of the situation. We can also arrange online prescriptions, diagnosis services, lab work testing, and more, all without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.”

Annual Concierge Medicine Plans

For residents who enjoy the care and attention they receive from their Medical House Calls service providers, there are annual concierge service packages that entitle individuals and families to unlimited house calls and telehealth calls for twelve months for one fixed fee.

That includes direct access to a healthcare provider via phone, email, or video consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to immediate medical attention, Medical House Calls also provides services for those seeking more discreet therapy or treatment.

IV Therapy and Energy Support

Medical House Calls is excited to offer convenient at-home infusion treatments to 30A.

They administer IV therapy customized to individual needs, including immune support, pain management, vitamin supplementation, and energy enhancement.

This service addresses various health concerns, such as fatigue, dehydration, hangover relief, jet lag, or recovery from illness. Patients can enjoy the comfort and privacy of receiving intravenous treatment in their own homes, eliminating the need for travel to medical facilities.

“Each session begins by assessing the patient’s needs and customizing the treatment plan accordingly. With a focus on safety and effectiveness, the team ensures proper administration and monitoring throughout the infusion process.”

Weight Loss Management

For those seeking support for effective weight management, Medical House Calls utilizes Semaglutide, an FDA-approved medication available under personalized medical supervision, for individuals seeking to improve their health and achieve realistic and sustainable weight goals.

“The comprehensive program starts with an initial consultation to assess the individual’s health history, goals, and preferences. Based on this assessment, a customized plan is then developed, incorporating dietary and exercise support along with medication management.”

These new services are sure to be greatly appreciated by many readers. By bringing this cutting-edge business model to 30A, Medical House Calls aims to promote wellness and provide personalized care to residents and visitors alike, ensuring optimal health and vitality.

Discover more about the services offered by Medical House Calls in the 30A area by visiting their website or calling them at 850-424-7711.



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