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Rachel Moore’s Coastal Chic: Mastering Elegance and Economy in Home Decor

Living along Northwest Florida’s stunning Gulf Coast, Rachel Moore – the creative mind behind the blog Pinteresting Plans – is known for designing spaces that capture the tranquil and welcoming spirit of coastal living. Moore’s passions encompass home renovations, tasteful coastal decor, and smart save-and-splurge finds. Her portfolio, which includes an array of properties along Scenic Highway 30A, showcases a blend of modern flair and beach-inspired elements.

As a savvy real estate investor and decorator, Moore’s expertise lies in selecting decor that withstands the rigors of a seaside environment, without sacrificing the laid-back elegance that guests seek in a coastal retreat.

“It’s all about finding that perfect blend of style and substance,” Moore said. “For my 30A properties, I aim for decor that mirrors the timeless beauty of our beaches — think sand-washed textures and nature-inspired or natural materials — while ensuring each piece can stand up to the salty Gulf breeze and spirited vacationers.”

For those keen on achieving the coastal look without casting away their budgets, Moore seeks out stores such as Home Goods, Amazon, Target, and Walmart. She finds these retailers have considerably raised their game, collaborating with top-tier designers to offer cost-effective versions of upscale items. “My philosophy is simple: invest in quality where it counts, and be clever with the accents that bring coastal charm to life,” said Moore, highlighting collections like Studio McGee at Target as prime examples of achieving a high-end look for less.

Discussing her approach to balancing elegance with economics, Moore has outlined her key “save vs splurge” recommendations.

In her splurge recommendations, Moore emphasizes the importance of investing in performance fabrics for furniture in rental properties. Such durable materials are crucial for withstanding continuous use and coastal elements, ensuring the furniture maintains its inviting look. Another key area for investment is in high-quality appliances, essential for their longevity and reliability, thus reducing maintenance and ensuring guest satisfaction. Lastly, Moore places a high value on guest comfort, advocating for spending more on quality mattresses and bedding, a critical factor in securing positive reviews and encouraging repeat visits from travelers. These thoughtful investments in durability and comfort are central to sustaining the appeal and functionality of her beachside rentals.

In her approach to cost-effective decorating, Moore advises saving on decorative accents like wall art and coffee table accessories. Recognizing that these items are frequently handled and susceptible to wear, especially in family-oriented spaces, she suggests choosing budget-friendly options for easy and frequent updates. Similarly, for everyday essentials such as dishes, glasses, and silverware, which are subject to regular wear and breakage, Moore recommends affordable yet stylish choices. This strategy not only reduces replacement costs but also maintains the aesthetic charm of her spaces.

In her own home, shared with her sons and a dog, Moore continues to prioritize performance fabrics for their durability, especially for key pieces like white sofas. For furniture that withstands daily use, such as solid wood dressers and kitchen counter stools, she considers them wise investments. However, Moore finds opportunities to economize with rugs, opting for modern indoor/outdoor options that are now available in washable and comfortable textures, ideal for the easy maintenance required in a lively household.

For those inspired to mirror Moore’s elegant coastal aesthetic, here are her top five picks from both the “save” and “splurge” categories.


1. Woven Chandelier

The woven chandelier serves as a statement piece above large islands. Its intricate design adds a coastal charm without the expense of high-end lighting. Its texture reflects the natural elements of the seaside, bringing an organic warmth to the space.

Target.com ($200)

2. Woven Side Tables

The versatile woven side tables from Target are a great addition for their dual function as bedside tables in spaces where storage isn’t a priority. They embody the light, airy feel of a beach home and are budget-friendly enough to be replaced or updated as trends evolve.

Target.com ($130)

3. 3D Coastal Wall Decor

Embracing the coastal vibe, the 3D wall decor brings a dynamic touch to walls. These pieces provide an affordable way to inject a sense of the coast into any room, adding depth and interest without a huge investment.

Amazon.com ($119)

4. Slipcover Swivel Chair

Moore recommends the functional elegance of the Better Homes & Gardens Waylen Slipcover Swivel Chair from Walmart. Crafted by Dave and Jenny Marrs, this chair embodies timeless elegance, showcasing features such as a reversible back cushion and a robust pocket coil seat, exemplifying that coastal sophistication can be achieved with both style and affordability.

Walmart.com ($248)

5. Curtain Rods

Finding curtain rods on Amazon that mirror the look of upscale brands allows for a polished finish to a room’s decor. Moore appreciates that these rods provide the functionality and style of pricier counterparts, maintaining the design integrity of her spaces while keeping costs low.

Amazon.com ($20 and up)


1. Performance Fabric Kitchen Counter Stools

Moore values kitchen counter stools that can withstand the high traffic of her bustling kitchen. She selects stools with performance fabric cushions and metal foot plates, combining durability with coastal elegance, ensuring they stand the test of time and frequent use.

Williams-sonoma.com ($795)

2. Coastal Entryway Bench

A high-quality coastal bench is an excellent choice for an inviting entryway or as a functional yet stylish addition at the end of a bed. This piece is a worthy splurge for the utility and aesthetic flair it brings to a home, embodying the spirit of beachfront living.

Serenaandlily.com ($998)

3. Upholstered Bed

The upholstered bed featured in both her personal residence and a rental property is celebrated for its tailored seams and neutral, textured upholstery. It serves as a luxurious focal point in any bedroom and scores high on both look and comfort.

Wayfair.com ($2,554)

4. Decorative Baskets

Practical yet decorative, these baskets serve as hampers or storage for extra linens, available in both natural and white-washed finishes. These multifunctional items are valuable for their practical use and for elevating the coastal theme across the homes.

Serenaandlily.com ($138)

5. Functional Dresser

This Dillon dresser, presented in Montauk White, is a perfect splurge for any coastal living space, thanks to its modern and modular design. Crafted from wood, it skillfully combines drawers and a display shelf, offering ample opportunity for both functional storage and decorative flair.

Potterybarn.com ($1,899)

Discover more of Rachel Moore’s coastal home finds on her blog, pinterestingplans.com, and find her on Instagram at @PinterestingPlans.

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