Sea Shul's Beachside Rosh Hashanah: Welcoming the Jewish New Year with Community - 30A

Sea Shul’s Beachside Rosh Hashanah: Welcoming the Jewish New Year with Community

Sea Shul, the new vibrant Jewish community in Florida’s 30A region, is excited to announce the organization’s inaugural Rosh Hashanah celebration: New Year, New Tide, including a beachside service and semi-formal dinner to be held on Saturday, September 16th, at the stunning Watersound Beach Club.

As part of Sea Shul’s Rosh Hashanah weekend festivities, this event aims to offer an extraordinary experience for community members to engage in the spirit of togetherness and belonging.

The setting serves as an ideal environment to form new friendships and reinforce the sense of unity in the community.

“We’ve been crafting this event with the sole intention of creating a space where everyone can feel at home, a place to welcome the New Year with a sense of belonging. Our goal is for all participants to discover and form new connections within our Jewish community,” said Ilisa Eichenbaum, co-chairperson of the events committee.

Starting at 6:00 p.m. with a beachside service led by Rabbi Joshua Lesser, the night then transitions into a delightful Rosh Hashanah dinner at 7:00 PM within Watersound Beach Club. The dinner will feature a range of entrees catering to all tastes, including traditional Rosh Hashanah dishes such as Challah, apples and honey, and wine.

“A Jewish New Year brings with it hope and a promise of new beginnings, and so does the creation of Sea Shul.  Sea Shul emphasizes the importance of community, finding our place, and connecting with people because it nourishes our souls,” said Rabbi Joshua Lesser. “As we usher in a New Year, we welcome new friendships and a sense of belonging. Rosh Hashanah at Sea Shul is not just an event but the foundation of a collective journey.”

General Admission tickets are priced at $150 for Adults and $65 for Children. Sign-ups for the tickets will be exclusive to the Sea Shul email list until August 1st. Click HERE to purchase tickets.

“Sea Shul is not just a community, it’s a vibrant catalyst for unity and connection,” explained Micah Davis, Interim President of Sea Shul. “As we welcome Rosh Hashanah, we’re not only celebrating a new year, but the start of an exciting chapter for Sea Shul. We’re crafting a dynamic future where every member feels a profound sense of belonging and becomes a key part of our collective journey. Together, we’ll foster an environment that embraces warmth, friendship, and forward-thinking growth.”

In addition to the “New Year, New Tide” event, Sea Shul has organized an array of activities for the Rosh Hashanah weekend including a potluck dinner on the first night, Mind and Movement prayer service, and Tashlich service that will be open to the community.

Sea Shul is delighted to invite everyone to share in the joy and traditions of the Jewish New Year.

For more info, or to buy tickets, click here. For the latest updates, follow Sea Shul on Facebook.