Final “Story Behind the Song” Show on Aug 23

The Backyard of Love – located behind Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse – is hosting a series of unique musical performances where the audience can get a lowdown on what goes into making a song.

The Story Behind the Song Series features talented songwriters, who perform and share the tales behind their top hits.

The series kicked off on July 12 with Bryan White and Karyn Williams alongside Andi Zack-Johnson and Ken Johnson. The second performance was on July 26 and featured Grammy nominated songwriter, James Slater. The third installment on August 9 was headlined by Kyle Jacobs.

L to R: Andi Zack-Johnson, Ken Johnson, Karyn Williams and Brian White at the first show of the series.

The final outdoor performance, scheduled to take place August 23, will feature Justin Wilson along Andi Zack-Johnson and Ken Johnson.

Dinner and drinks will available at the venue and will be served at 6:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $50 and include the price of dinner. Tickets should be purchased by noon on the day of the event to ensure availability.


Backyard of Love at Hibiscus Coffee House

August 23: The Story Behind The Song Series with Justin Wilson, Andi Zack-Johnson and Ken Johnson

A man who made his fortune from his twin talents for cooking and comedy, Justin Wilson rose to fame with his humorous stories of life in Louisiana’s Cajun country, as well as demonstrating how to cook the hearty dishes associated with Cajun culture. Wilson was born in Roseland, Louisiana on April 24, 1914. His father, Harry D. Wilson, was Louisiana’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry from 1916 to 1948, and was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. Justin’s mother, Olivette Mintern Toadvin, was a pianist and composer who was also an expert cook, from whom Justin learned his way around a kitchen. Olivette was also of Cajun heritage, unlike her husband who was Welsh, and Justinwould often refer to himself as a “half-bleed Cajun.”

Justin originally pursued a career as a safety engineer, and when he spoke to audiences about safety procedures, he discovered many listeners found him too dry. Having frequently traveled through Bayou country, Wilson began telling humorous anecdotes about Cajuns and their lifestyle to put himself and his audiences at ease. In time, Wilson was attracting larger audiences for his comedy than for his safety lectures, and he became a successful humorist in the South and Southwest with his exaggerated Cajun accent and familiar catch phrase, “I Gawr-on-tee!”

The Story Behind the Song Series is presented by Grayton Beach Catering and Hit Songwriter House Concerts of 30A.

To learn more, or to buy tickets, visit Grayton Beach Catering or call 850-231-1090.

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