Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Out on the Beach Too Long

Hey, we knew we had some pretty devout 30A fans, but we didn’t know you were so darn FUNNY! We recently asked 350,000 of our closest friends to make help us write a Top 10 list. Maybe it’s been too long since you’ve been out on the beach … or maybe you’ve been out on the beach a little too long. Either way, you certainly didn’t disappoint us with all of your clever responses. So, without further delay, here are the Top 10 entries that had us laughing out loud here at 30A HQ:

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Out on the Beach Too Long

10. Your tan lines match the tides.

Submitted by Lisa Mcfarland

9. Dolphin cruises use you as a landmark.

Submitted by Jennifer Berry

8. Your 5-year-old pokes you and you deflate like a Griswold turkey.

Submitted by T Serenity McCloskey

7. You find a pearl… in your mouth.

Submitted by Cory Scott

6. Your hair has grown in the direction of the prevailing wind.

Submitted by Mary Looney Woodis

5. Your “cabana boy” now has grandchildren.

Submitted by Martee Hewitt

4. Your only source of news is banners being pulled behind planes.

Submitted by Todd Riche

3. You try to take off your shoes, only to realize that you aren’t wearing any.

Submitted by Angie Floris Thompson

2. You have a sand pile the size of a potato in your bathing suit bottoms.

Submitted by Sarah Armgard Middleton

… and the #1 sign that you might have been basking in our 30A sunshine a tad bit too long?

30a beach chair

1. Instead of removing your chair for the night, the chair guys just tuck you in.

Submitted by Linda LaLonde Ernst


CONGRATS to our Top 10 finalists, and to our #1 player, Linda LaLonde Ernst, who wins a $50 gift card for use at any of our 30A Stores or online at!

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