Vroom, Vroom…Tuk Tuk: Introducing Tuk Tuk 30A - 30A

Vroom, Vroom…Tuk Tuk: Introducing Tuk Tuk 30A

Beyond our beautiful beaches, there are few things that make 30A more iconic than all of our bike-friendly and walkable communities. But, when you’re looking to travel a little further, where do you turn? Meet the newest mode of transportation – Tuk Tuk 30A!

These street legal, motorized versions of the traditional rickshaw are the perfect fit for our scenic roadways.

“Tuk Tuks were made for 30A. Tuk Tuk 30A will be a head turner for locals and tourists as they whip down 30A,” said owner, Casey Woods. “They are super quiet, allowing our riders to have conversation during their ride, and eco-friendly which helps to reduce our carbon footprint as a business & community.”

Each Tuk fits a driver and six passengers and is equipped with seat belts, color-changing lights, bluetooth speakers, and streaming music for riders to pick their tunes while they ride.

The electric transportation company has a three-phase plan to expand their routes. Starting with operations between Little Redfish Lake to Eastern Lake with 2 Tuks, and opening to all of 30A by Phase 3 with 8-10 Tuks.

The main focus will be to service all riders in 20 minutes or less.

Through the Tuk Tuk 30A app, available at the Android and iTunes App Store, guests will be able to book their ride through the Tuk Tuk 30A app, see their estimated wait time, and Tuk Tuks moving towards the desired pickup location. Riders will also be able to split fares with friends, as well as use their own referral code to earn ride credit when new riders request their first ride with the code.

Pricing is based per Tuk (not per rider). It’s $5 to start and $1 per minute making the average ride from Seagrove to Grayton about $15. The company intends to partner with local restaurants, businesses and events with discount codes.

“The locals of 30A are a tight knit group, and I can’t wait to offer value to them daily as they travel along 30A,” says Casey. “We are really pushing to offer an affordable, safe transportation option resulting in reduced traffic, worry-free parking, as well as a solution to drinking & driving.”

JESSICA ROBERTS is a Santa Rosa Beach writer and event producer. When not working or writing, you’ll find her out on the water or traveling somewhere new.