SPRING BREAK 2015: When Is Your School Out?

Spring Break is HERE, folks, and we’ll be welcoming tens of thousands of visitors this season! Here’s a quick snapshot of when the major colleges, universities and school systems will be here.

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FEBRUARY 22-28, 2015


Eastern Michigan University 23,000
Saint John’s University (N.Y.) 15,700

MARCH 1-7, 2015

Ball State University (Ind.) 22,100
Barry University (Fla.) 9,300
College of Charleston (S.C.) 9,900
Dalton State College (Ga.) 6,000
Grand Valley State University (Mich.) 24,700
King College (Tenn.) 2,000
Oakwood University (Ala.) 2,000
Ohio University 38,000
Rice University (Texas) 6,000
Rollins College (Fla.) 2,300
Seneca College (Ontario) 20,855
Southern Wesleyan University (S.C.) 2,400
Temple University (Penn.) 37,700
University of Florida 49,600
University of Michigan 42,800
University of North Carolina – Charlotte 27,200
University of South Alabama 15,100
Vanderbilt University 12,700
Wright State University 18,400

MARCH 8-14, 2015

American University (D.C.) 10,000
Appalachian State University (N.C.) 17,500
Arizona State University 72,300
Austin Peay State University (Tenn.) 10,000
Baylor University (Texas) 15,200
Boston University (Mass.) 30,800
Bowling Green State University (Ken.) 17,800
Central Michigan University 27,000
Cleveland State University 17,200
Duke University (N.C.) 14,800
East Carolina University (N.C.) 27,000
East Tennessee State University 15,600
Emory University 13,900
Florida International University 48,000
Florida State University 40,500
George Mason University (Va.) 33,400
Georgetown University (D.C.) 17,200
Georgia Gwinnett College 8,400
Illinois State University 20,800
Macon State College (Ga.) 5,700
Mercer University (Ga.) 5,500
Michigan State University 48,000
Middle Tennessee State University 24,200
Minnesota State University 15,700
Minnesota State University Mankato 13,600
Mississippi State University 20,000
Missouri State University 21,100
North Carolina State University 34,000
Northern Illinois University 25,400
Northern Kentucky University 15,500
Old Dominion University (Va.) 24,200
Park University (Mo.) 25,500
Pennsylvania State University 44,900
Sam Houston State University 17,700
South Carolina State University 5,000
Southern Methodist University (Texas) 12,000
Syracuse University 20,500
Tennessee State University 8,500
Tennessee Technological University 10,000
The George Washington University 24,600
Troy University 29,700
University of North Carolina 67,100
University of Central Florida 59,000
University of Georgia 33,400
University of Memphis (Tenn.) 18,000
University of Miami (Fla.) 16,800
University of Mississippi 20,800
University of Pennsylvania 21,300
University of Pittsburgh (Pa.) 28,800
University of South Carolina 45,300
University of Southern Mississippi 18,000
University of Tampa (Fla.) 6,900
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 11,500
University of Texas – Arlington 35,000
University of Virginia 21,200
University of West Florida 10,200
Virginia Commonwealth University 32,000
Virginia Tech 31,000
Webster University (Mo.) 21,100
Western Carolina University (N.C.) 10,000
Western Kentucky University 21,100
Western Michigan University 25,100

MARCH 15-21, 2015

Armstrong Atlantic State University (Ga.) 7,600
Clemson University (S.C.) 15,500
Colorado State University 32,000
Columbia University (N.Y.) 27,700
Edgewood College (Wisc.) 20,000
Georgia College and State University 6,700
Georgia Institute of Technology 20,500
Georgia Southern University 20,300
Georgia State University 40,000
Gulf Coast State College (Fla.) 7,200
Harvard University (Mass.) 21,300
Indiana University (System) 83,700
Iowa State University 31,100
Kansas State University 24,400
Leon County, Tallahassee School System
New York University 38,400
Oklahoma State University 26,100
Oklahoma University 30,800
Ohio State University 56,900
Purdue University (Ind.) 39,800
St. Louis Public Schools
State University of New York (System) 465,000
State University of West Georgia 11,700
Stony Brook University (N.Y.) 24,700
Texas A&M University 53,400
Texas State University 34,300
Texas Tech University 32,700
University of Alabama 33,600
University of Arizona 40,000
University of Cincinnati 42,700
University of Connecticut 22,500
University of Houston 39,900
University of Iowa 30,400
University of Kansas 29,500
University of Kentucky 28,100
University of Maryland 37,700
University of Massachusetts 68,400
University of Minnesota 52,600
University of North Florida 14,300
University of North Georgia 9,000
University of North Texas 36,200
University of Southern California 41,000
University of South Florida 47,200
University of Tennessee Knoxville 27,600
University of Texas 38,500
Wayne State University (Mich.) 32,600

MARCH 22-28, 2015

Alabama State University 5,800
Auburn University (Ala.) 25,500
Bay County (Panama City, Fla.) Public Schools
Dothan (Ala.) School District
Drexel University (Penn.) 25,500
Huntsville (Ala.) School District
Jacksonville State University  (Ala.) 9,500
Kent State University (Ohio) 42,600
Little Rock (Ark.) School District
Miami University 20,200
Nashville (Tenn.) School District
Northwestern University 20,000
Okaloosa County (Destin) Public Schools
University of Akron (Ohio) 24,600
University of Alabama Birmingham 18,000
University of Arkansas 24,600
University of California Irvine 30,000
University of California Los Angeles 42,200
University of Colorado Boulder 29,900
University of Illinois 28,100
University of Missouri 35,500
University of Missouri Kansas City 15,500
University of Nebraska 50,000
University of North Alabama 7,300
University of Oregon 20,700
University of West Alabama 5,200
Valdosta State University (Ga.) 13,100
Walton County (Santa Rosa Beach) Public Schools
West Virginia University 29,700

MARCH 29-APRIL 4, 2015

Birmingham (Ala.) Public Schools
College of DuPage (Ill.) 29,000
Cornell University (N.Y.) 21,000
Fayette County (Lexington, Ky.) Public Schools
Loyola University New Orleans 5,000
Tulane University (La.) 13,400
University of Wisconsin 42,300

APRIL 5-11, 2015

DeKalb County (Ga.) Public Schools
Fulton County, Georgia
Kennesaw State University (Ga.) 32,500
Louisiana State University 29,600
University of Louisiana (System) 24,500

Beach-girls-175Although we did our best to verify all of the above information, of course, you should check with your school before making any travel plans. Please report any corrections to feedback@30A.com, and if your school isn’t listed, please shout out your dates below!