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6 Unusual (But Helpful) Beach Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Jessica Roberts

We all know the standard items for a beach day – chair, cooler, beach bag, sunscreen, etc. But, what about some more off-the-wall options? Check out our list for unusual, but helpful, beach gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

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1. Turtleback Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holder

Keep your drink and your hands sand-free with these simple, yet effective Turtleback Sand Coasters. These durable plastic holders are available in an array of brilliant colors and are perfect for drinks, keys, and snacks. They’ll stack and pack neatly into your tote bag, too. GET IT HERE.

2. PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra-Rugged Thermal Phone Case

Has your phone ever overheated in the sun? Problem. Meet solution. Billed as “Sunproof. Sandproof. Dropproof. Sinkproof,” the PHOOZY thermal phone case lives up to the hype. Basically a spacesuit for your phone, the patented material is derived from NASA technology, reflects more than 90% of the heat of the sun to prevent overheating and permanent damage to your device. Fully water-resistant materials and construction, the case will float if dropped in water for easy, quick retrieval. While not waterproof, they are water-resistant. GET IT HERE.

3. Solgaard Solarbank Boombox

We love gadgets that multi-task. This 3-in-1 boombox features a Bluetooth Speaker with truly superior sound, a Power Bank to charge all your devices, and Solar Charger to keep the fun going all day and weekend-long – up to 80 hours of playtime! The unit works across the light spectrum to auto-charge in the sunlight, which means – yes, even on a cloudy day. 4 hours of sun is equal to 1 phone charge. GET IT HERE.

4. HEETA 2-Pack Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

The 100% waterproof pouch has enough space to hold your phone, keys, and other personal items with an adjustable strap suitable for kids and adults of all sizes. The colorful and transparent waterproof bag is designed to be able to use your cellphone as normal without taking your phone out of the pouch. The strap is convertible to wear as crossbody, around the waist, and with a variety of color choices – it will fit any style and any vacation look. GET IT HERE.

5. AMMSUN 17″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray

Photo: ammsun.beachumbrella.biz

A must-have for your next beach day. Features 4 cup holders with an additional 4 compartments perfect for snacks or other items like your phone, keys, sunglasses, and more. Practical, convenient, durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. What more could you need? GET IT HERE.

6. SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box

Worried about your belongings when you take that romantic, long walk on the beach? Worry no more with the SAFEGO Lock Box. Features a 3-digit custom combination code as well as an access key for security options. The rugged, but flexible steel cable securely locks to almost any fixed object. Lightweight, water and rust-resistant, small enough for traveling, but strong enough for everyday use – this will be your go-to security gadget. Also featured in Business Insider, USA Today, The Grommet, Travel Weekly, Travel Channel, Real Simple, About, and many more. GET IT HERE.

JESSICA ROBERTS is a Santa Rosa Beach writer and event producer. When not working or writing, you’ll find her out on the water or traveling somewhere new.




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