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7 Best Coolers for Every Beach Lifestyle

By: Jessica Roberts | Posted Jul 22, 2020

No day at the beach is complete without your trusty cooler by your side. Whether packing for a solo day of relaxing, or something to please everyone in the group, we’ve got you covered with our top picks.

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1. Best Day-to-Day Cooler

Columbia PFG Skiff Guide Zipperless Hardbody Thermal Cooler Pack

Columbia PFG Skiff Guide Zipperless Hardbody Thermal Cooler Pack. Photo Credit: columbia.com

The traditional. Perfect for a day at the beach with all your essentials. You can choose between 22 and 58 can sizes with three color options. Columbia’s patented, “flip open” Zipperless lid allows for quick access to food and drinks and a zippered accessory pocket for napkins, cutlery, etc. Soft exterior, but with a sturdy interior. The FDA compliant HardBody liner with removable SmartShelf allows you to keep drinks and ice separate from soft stuff, so sandwiches and other soft foods don’t get crushed. GET IT HERE.

2. Best Backpack Cooler

FORICH Cooler Backpack Insulated Leak Proof Backpack

When you need to be hands-free, a backpack cooler is a great way to go. The FORICH insulated cooler backpack has enough space for all your necessities – up to 30 cans, snacks, fruits, ice pack, cellphone and so on, and – it can hold 4 bottles of wine on side pockets perfect for trying out the 30A Wine offerings! Lightweight, durable, leakproof, waterproof, and comfortable – what more could you need? GET IT HERE.

3. Best Waterproof Cooler

IceMule Classic Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag

A varsity of sizes and colors – the IceMule Classic is the world’s coldest hands-free cooler. This super space-saver rolls and stores easily when not in use and is anything but bulky. The IceMule closure system is designed without zippers and welded seams, meaning no leaky zippers and easy access to load and unload the cooler. This cooler even floats, so it’s perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, and all your water activities. GET IT HERE.

4. Best Tailgate/Camping Cooler

Koolatron Travel Thermoelectric Iceless Fridge

Koolatron Travel Cooler & Warmer. Photo Credit: koolatron.com

For the “glamping” or Grayton Beach tailgating crowd (learn more about vehicle permits here), the Koolatron Cooler plugs directly into your car’s 12-volt power outlet and draws less power than your car’s parking light all while keeping your food and beverages cool without requiring you to stock up on ice every few hours. And, as an added bonus – with a simple flip of the cord your Koolatron becomes a food warmer! Two-in-one. GET IT HERE.

5. Best Floating Cooler

Intex Mega Chill II, Inflatable Floating Cooler

Intex Mega Chill II. Photo Credit: intexcorp.com

When you’ve got 30A’s crystal clear, emerald waters at your feet, who wants to get out to refresh their drink? Problem solved. A floating cooler you can bring out into the cool waves with you.

The Intex Mega Chill floating cooler features 6 cup holders to keep beverages within easy reach and holds up to 72 beverage cans with ice or serves as the base for a 48-quart cooler (not included). GET IT HERE.

6. Best All-Terrain Cooler

All Terrain Coolers Wheeled Cooler with Inflatable Tires

All Terrain Coolers Wheeled Cooler . Photo Credit: allterraincoolers.com

We’ve all been there. Trying to roll your cooler down the sandy shores of the Gulf and it becomes more of a drag than pull. Let us introduce you to inflatable, all-terrain tires. This wheeled cooler comes equipped with a 48-liter design to hold all your drinks and food for a great family trip. Most impressively, the lid can also support your chairs and tent, so you only have to make one trip from the car. Win-win. GET IT HERE.

7. Best Cooler for Cranking It Up

KUBE Bluetooth Speaker with 37qt Cooler Storage

KUBE Bluetooth Speaker with 37qt Cooler Storage. Photo Credit: kubesound.com

Perfect for a day at the beach, pool parties or glamping with friends, Kube comes equipped with a Bluetooth Speaker, 37qt Cooler Storage, a port for charging your phone and LED light for night-time use. It can play 240 songs on one battery life. A perfect combination of sleek looks, utility, and portability. GET IT HERE.



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Jessica Roberts is a Santa Rosa Beach writer and event producer. When not working or writing, you’ll find her out on the water or traveling somewhere new.