Have Your Drink … and Beach Body Too at La Cocina

The universal struggle of beach body versus beer belly is now over. That’s right, now you can work on that physique, while enjoying a skinny drink. La Cocina Mexican Grill and Bar recently revamped their bar menu with these delicious new beverages. We sat down with the bar manager, Danice Gomez, who explained what goes into a skinny drink to make it, well, skinny.

“Using all fresh ingredients, instead of pre-made mixes, is key,” Gomez said. “Fresh-squeezed juices are made right here, and all of our skinny drinks are all on the rocks.”

These drinks are made with fresh ingredients, with no added sugars, have a low calorie count and taste great! Good news for you because now you can have your drink and keep that beach body, too.


La Cocina has concocted over 12 original skinny drink recipes for their new bar menu. The crowd favorite is The Skinny Margarita. However, our personal choice is the 30A Cooler, made with ingredients that combine the blue and yellow colors of our signature 30A logo. It’s served up with Cruzan mango rum, fresh mango puree, blue curacao, fresh-squeezed lime juice and a splash of lemonade and sprite. All for just 125 calories!

Check it out:

See La Cocina’s full bar menu here.

Author Jordyn Knott (who reportedly had the “best summer ever” interning at The 30A Company) lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, until she can get back to the beach. Check out her blog at happilychic.com.

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