OCTOBER: Noche de los Muertos

Hope you have your costume ready — trust me, locals have been planning for months — because the Noche de los Muertos party at Alys Beach is one of the most surreal and larger-than-life costume parties you’ll ever witness.

This annual adults-only ‘Night of the Dead’ revival is an eye-popping party full of unexpected costumes, world-class DJs, and macabre fun, and it’s always one of the hottest tickets of the year.

The event is held at Alys Beach’s famous Caliza, a pool and restaurant lifted straight from the pages of Architectural Digest. Beautiful architecture, beautiful people, outrageous costumes, lively libations… it’s a frightening proposition certainly worth planning your beach vacation around!

There’s always a world-class DJ on hand, and costumes are absolutely required. There’s also a big cash prize for Best Costume.


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