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World’s Best Beaches: Pebble Beach in Nice, France

By: Han Vance | Posted Oct 2, 2021

A popular summer retreat of the 18th-century elite, the city of Nice is the second-most visited destination in France today, after world epicenter Paris. This French Riviera jewel features Belle Epoque and Baroque architecture built alongside the tan-colored pebbled shoreline of Baie des Anges – named after the wings of an angel.

A perfect combination of beach relaxation and cultural good times awaits you in this cosmopolitan hotspot on the Mediterranean coast.

In the book Matisse in Nice, the work and life periods of famous painter Henri Matisse living in Nice are explored, a lush layer-after-layer brocade of texture, color, and coastal culture revealed, as Nice comes alive. Matisse most loved the place for its frequent golden light and azure sea. You will, too.

Why Go?

Nice, France Colorful Coast

Since the well-chronicled days of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald’s newlywed highbrow adventures shortly after World War I, French Riviera dreams have occasionally flooded our American consciousness. This place remains a playground of the international elite, with the word ‘riviera’ itself resonating with European charm mixed with coastal Mediterranean romance. In short, Nice is nice.

How Do I Get There?

There are many daily flights directly to Europe from Atlanta, and other major U.S. hubs. It’s usually not a direct hop across the pond though, so you may have to change flights more than once to get to Nice. Recovering from jetlag at a posh beach resort doesn’t sound so bad though, right?

Where Should I Stay?

Hotel Le Negresco

Hotel Le Negresco

For over a hundred years, Hotel Le Negresco [built in 1912] has stood as a symbol of French opulence. Le Negresco is home to a Michelin-star restaurant, Le Chantecler, which has cellars holding over 15,000 bottles of wine.

The marble floor rotunda astounds, while the pink with aqua trim façade towers above passersby on Promenade des Anglais.

If a modern and recognizable hotel brand appeals to you more, there’s Hotel Hyatt Regency in nearby Nice City Centre.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pebble beach in Nice, France

Roundtrip flights from Atlanta run about $1,200, while a night stay at Le Negresco in peak summer season can be around $600, before the delicious fine wining and dining commences and accrues. Earlier in the spring and later into fall, prices drop down to approximately $365 per night.

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