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30A Q&A: 5 Fun Questions Answered by Locals

Owner, Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar and Gallion Construction

1. What makes living at the beach so special?

For me, the natural aspects that surround us are a huge part of what makes living at the beach so special. To have the Gulf, coastal dune lakes, state parks, biking trails, surfing, right at your doorstep are a few of my favorite things. Gorgeous sunsets and a huge sense of community are bonuses.

2. Three favorite local spots?

Eden Gardens is magical. It almost feels like you are a nymph when you walk under the enormous trees. Living so close to a place that brings you so much peace and tranquility is quite special.

The character of Grayton Beach is what makes it one of my favorite spots. This is what an old beach town should feel like. Instant relaxation, access to Western Lake, and one the the best spots to watch the sunset are what make Grayton Beach special. I am looking forward to the rebuild of the Red Bar, which was an iconic establishment that added character and a feeling of community.

We love dining at Borago. They provide excellent service, delicious food and a great selection of wine and combine it with a relaxed ambiance.

3. Best place for a night out?

I love listening to live music. You can’t go wrong with any of the many venues along 30A that provide live music.

4. Most delicious menu item?

I love the Angel Hair Pasta with Pan Seared Shrimp at Borago.

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy playing golf and fishing and spending time with my wife and two boys.

BONUS: How long have you been a local?

I have lived here since 2010, originally from Montgomery, Alabama. My family has always had a property in Seagrove, so I’ve been coming to 30A my whole life.

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