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Chiringo’s “Roundup Initiative” to Aid Neurodiversity in the Panhandle

In a significant move towards supporting community and inclusivity, Chiringo, the 30A beachside dining destination known for its commitment to community and elevated beach cuisine, announces a partnership with Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children and families living with neurodiversity in the Florida Panhandle. This collaboration begins with a special promotion starting March 18th, aligning with Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and extends through April, Neurodiversity Awareness Month.

The special promotion allows Chiringo customers to “round up” their bills, with proceeds supporting Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle’s financial aid program.

This program offers financial assistance for families looking for assistance covering costs for diagnostic testing and therapeutic services, addressing a critical need within the neurodiverse community.

The McKoski family

Inspired by the personal journey of Andy McKoski, co-owner and partner of Chiringo, Chiringa and Hotz Coffee, and April McKoski, this initiative aims to raise awareness and support for neurodiversity. Their son, Wells, recently found his voice after being non-speaking through age 5, marking a milestone that has deeply touched the family and motivated this partnership.

“Our journey with Wells has been one of hope, learning, and understanding. It’s a journey we know we don’t walk alone,” said Mr. McKoski. “This partnership with Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle is our way of giving back, raising awareness, and supporting families like ours. We’re not just asking people to round up their bills–we’re inviting them to join a movement of acceptance and support.”

The initiative is complemented by a video that highlights the McKoski family’s journey through neurodiversity, showcasing both struggles and victories.

Featuring the pivotal moment when their son Wells finds his voice, the video acts as a symbol of hope and encouragement. It underlines the ‘Round Up for Neurodiversity’ campaign’s focus on community support, understanding, and the embrace of diverse individuals. This story serves as a powerful reminder of the meaningful change collective actions can inspire towards a more inclusive society.

Beth Roberts, Founder and Executive Director of Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle, has been a champion for better services within the community and founded the organization to bridge the gap for families. 

“Through the generosity of initiatives like Chiringo’s ‘Round Up for Neurodiversity’ campaign, we’re able to further reach families in the Florida Panhandle through our programs and services,” said Mrs. Roberts. “Our organization is dedicated to creating a culture of acceptance and support for neurodiverse individuals by helping facilitate the aid and resources in support of their journey. We are here to help answer the ‘What’s next?’ question we so often receive.”

Expanding the Celebration with Butler’s Grayt Ice

In addition to the “Round Up” initiative, Butler’s Grayt Ice, the beloved shaved ice vendor located outside of Chiringo and throughout Grayton Beach, will be offering a special treat, “Rainbow Smiles for All,” from March 18th until April 30th in celebration of Neurodiversity Celebration Month. All proceeds from this vibrant and inclusive treat will benefit the Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle.

Misty Butler, co-owner and CEO of Butler’s Grayt Ice, was inspired by her family’s direct involvement with the neurodiverse community to offer a new shaved ice creation just for this effort. 

“My sister’s an educator, and my son assists non-verbal kids and their families—it’s a cause close to our hearts,” said Mrs. Butler. “We’re all in on making a difference here. And honestly, a rainbow shaved ice is the perfect sweet treat to highlight our support for diversity and inclusion, isn’t it?”

For more info on how to participate or learn more about the partnership, please visit Chiringo.



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