SeaLight Festival to Illuminate Miramar Beach with a Thousand Lanterns — Feb 1-Mar 31 - 30A


SeaLight Festival to Illuminate Miramar Beach with a Thousand Lanterns — Feb 1-Mar 31

The SeaLight Festival is poised to premiere at Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach, bringing a stunning display of over 1,000 handmade Chinese lanterns to the Panhandle. This follows its tremendous success in New York City, Atlanta, and Washington D.C., where the festival enjoyed three years of sold-out events, attracting over 500,000 guests. Now, it’s Florida’s turn to experience the magic of the SeaLight Festival.

Between February 1st and March 31st, 2024, Seascape Resort is set to transform into a mesmerizing realm of lights.

This enchanting event will showcase over 1,000 meticulously crafted Chinese lanterns and lights, offering a truly unforgettable experience.

Tickets are now available for purchase online at All ages are welcome. Ticket prices start from $17.99 for children and $25.99 for adults, and are available on SeaLights website here.

“We are excited to launch the SeaLight festival at Seascape Resort this weekend. Join us for an immersive walk-through experience with hundreds of hand-crafted Chinese lanterns,” said Travis Noyes of SeaLight Festival.

Visitors will step into a luminous wonderland influenced by Chinese mythology, legends, and zodiac signs. Hand-painted fabric lanterns draped over frames illuminated with LED lights will create a captivating atmosphere for people of all ages at Seascape Resort, turning it into a glowing haven.

As they explore, attendees will be delighted by vibrant, festive light displays and lanterns, featuring themes like an animal kingdom, an aquatic world, and various family-friendly activities.

Here’s More info on Location & Opening Times:

Location: Seascape Golf, Beach & Tennis Resort, Miramar Beach

● Dates: February 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024

● Opening times:

○ Thursdays – Sundays, 5 pm – 9 pm

○ The visit will take approximately 1 hour

You can read more about the experience at


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