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5 Spring Blooms You’ll See Everywhere in Florida

Mild Florida winters give way to a beautiful spring. The welcome sunshine not only warms the soul but also wakes up those spring-blooming flowers.

From roadsides to cultivated gardens, here are five spring blooms you’ll see everywhere in Florida right now.


The Sunshine State has a deep love for azaleas. This beautiful shrub only blooms once in the spring with hundreds of tiny flowers. You’ll spot azaleas in pink, purple, and white blooms every spring. Many homeowners choose them for their garden to create privacy and fill in space.

Azaleas are a large, green shrub the rest of the year, so soak up as much beauty of these spring bloomers while you can.

Beach Sunflower

These gorgeous flowers display their 2-inch daisy or sunflower-like blossoms almost year-round. They bloom along the beach thanks to their ability to handle hot and dry climate conditions. This flower also doesn’t mind salt spray or salty soil making it a perfect match for the 30A area.

Beach Sunflowers are a great addition to the Florida landscape since they attract vital pollinators.

Purple Coneflower

These beautiful flowers are classic perennials and are native to Florida.

They attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies throughout the spring and summer.

They are also deer resistant and deter pests from the garden. They prefer dry soil, but you’ll see these blooming throughout the state.


Known as the official wildflower of Florida, you’re bound to see many tickseed flowers scattered all over. It’s a small headed flower that blooms in any landscape. Most are yellow, but you’ll also see them in pink, orange, or red varieties.

Tickseed loves full sun making it the perfect native wildflower for Florida. Look for blankets of this beautiful bloom along roadsides and in natural areas.


There are 24 different kinds of native milkweed in Florida making this plant a prolific one that you’ll see everywhere. Milkweed features small blooms that are tightly spaced along the stalk. You’ll find many different colors of milkweed along with the many pollinators that visit it daily.

Milkweed is an essential part of the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly as well. Homeowners like to plant this spring bloomer at the edge of the lawn to form a wall of prolific blooms.

But, you may also spot single milkweed plants that dot the natural areas of Florida’s coastline.

Enjoying the spring weather includes spending time outdoors and on the beautiful Florida beaches. Look for these spring blooms you’ll see everywhere in Florida on your next trip to the beach.

ANNALIESE OLSAN is a writer from Orlando. When she moved to the city from her family’s farm she decided she needed more nature in her life.


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