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Raise a Cup to 30A Coffee by Amavida

By: Kristy Gustafson | Posted Apr 21, 2021

When most people order a cup of coffee, there’s a good chance the only things on their mind are the day’s ever-growing “to-do” lists and crossing the caffeine-scented threshold between sleep and reality. But what if we told you a cup of coffee could go beyond that? Far beyond that. What if we told you a cup of coffee could actually make the world better?

While this may sound like it’s too good to be true, this is actually the real-life mission of local and family-owned coffee roasters Amavida. And it’s a mission they’re seeing through every single day with their fair trade, sustainable, and ethical coffee. 

They call themselves “a new kind of earth-friendly coffee company,” and having been awarded titles like Best Roaster and Best Coffee House for years running, they rightfully boast the best organic coffee in Florida. Locally imported, roasted, and served with an “uncompromising passion for a clean, healthy planet.”

With our own passion for environmental do-gooding (as well as delectable coffee), we couldn’t think of anyone better to join forces with. In 2021, Amavida partnered with Optimus Solar to further reduce their carbon impact by installing a solar solution and EV charging stations for their vehicles at their headquarters. 

Grab a Cup

If you haven’t already, meet our Florida Sunrise Blend, the perfect companion for your early mornings — whether you’re here at the beach or wherever it is you call home.

In partnership with Amavida, this blend of certified organic and fair trade coffee is directly sourced from the finest coffee farms in the world, and specially crafted to be enjoyed in the peaceful morning hours.

Its flavor profile is chocolaty, dense, and clean. And thanks to Amavida, it is coffee that goes well beyond the quality in the cup.

Love Life

The name Amavida is synonymous with “love” and “life.” Since opening in 2004, their goal has been to create positive change not only in coffee-producing countries but in their own backyard. In their pursuit, they have become a Certified B Corp, 100% Carbon Neutral, and 100% Plastic Neutral

Progressive Coffee with a Collective Impact

From Colombia to Mexico, Ethiopia to the Congo, coffee regions are historically known for being some of the most impoverished places in the world. While most companies out there come in, take what they need, and leave without so much as a second glance, Amavida is pushing the limits of what it means to be an ethical and sustainable coffee company. Absolutely everything they do––from trade partnerships to social projects and training on innovative farming techniques — circles back to their core purpose: to improve the lives of small coffee farmers in developing communities.

For them, it comes down to creating meaningful relationships with the best organic farmers, sustainable suppliers, local employees and the environment. 

And, through it all, paying it forward. “We believe that more ethical and sustainable trade is essential for the continuation of the specialty coffee industry,” said Martín Trejo, Director of Coffee at Amavida for ten years (and counting!). 

B the Change

Certified B Corporations (or B-Corps) are sustainable brands leading a global movement to redefine success in business by focusing on not just being the best companies in the world, but the best companies for the world. To achieve certification, all B-Corps must undergo a rigorous investigation of business policies and procedures, and then scored on four facets: Governance, Workers, Community, and Environment. Once certified, which Amavida did back in 2014, these companies strive to tackle the issues of today in hopes of a better tomorrow. 

Looking for more? Shop online for their made-to-roast beans or stop by their cafes where they’ll serve you a delicious cup of coffee roasted with love to support their mission to leave this place better than they found it. We’ll raise our cups to that.

To shop the 30A Sunrise Blend or learn more, visit Amavida Coffee.


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