Derek Makekau on Local Favorites, Getting Outdoorsy and Staying #BEachHAPPY - 30A

Derek Makekau on Local Favorites, Getting Outdoorsy and Staying #BEachHAPPY

Posted Nov 2, 2019

30A local Derek Makekau of 20/30 North Studios answers five questions on favorite local events, months and past-times!

1. Where do you go when you need some quality me-time?

Home for sure. My sofa, my wife, our dog and five cats help us stay very close to the house, but we also live along beautiful Peach Creek where there’s a lot to do and see. And by that I mean we have a very comfortable sofa.

2. What’s your favorite local event?

Probably Locals Last Stand, just as a concept. I also really like the Sand Rover Rally because it’s fun to watch people put very expensive vehicles into precarious situations.

3. What’s your favorite way to spend time outdoors?

Anything electric or motorized for sure. We have the fortune of knowing some talented mechanics between my Dad and people like Joe Thibodeau. They have helped me play with a 1968 VW Bug Sand Rail that is a constant problem but super fun when it works. Beyond that, YOLO’s Bolt and E-Cruisers are just stupidly fun to ride around on 30A, and my wife bought me an electric skateboard a couple years ago that is still getting used by myself and our nieces and nephews.

4. What makes living at the beach so special?

Living on the beach is easy to take for granted and I think I do it often.

What makes it so special is what makes it so easy to overlook…it’s just so simple to drive past and not visit.

It’s not hard to glance at and think it’s pretty, but taking the time to put your toes in the sand is important.

5. What’s your favorite month on 30A? And why?

Probably September to October, as it starts to just be comfortable outside. The humidity drops and it feels nice just to be out and about. It used to also mean the traffic and tourism slowed down, but I’ll take the drop in temperature either way.

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