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Go Farther, Faster with 30A Electric Bikes by YOLO

If you’re ready to ride, and want the coolest bike on the planet, look no further, because this awesome collaboration between The 30A Company and the YOLO company is guaranteed to add some fun and excitement to your ride wherever you venture to. It’s not just a bike, it’s a whole new adventure in outdoor, wind-in-your-hair, eco-friendly freedom.

With YOLO’s selection of 30A branded electric bikes, you won’t just feel good about getting out in the great outdoors and getting your exercise in, but you will also feel good knowing that you’re doing a little something to honor and protect our environment. Why take the car if you’re going a few miles to your favorite hangout or store? Now you can make the trek in style, peddling when you want and cruising on electric power when you need that extra boost or added speed. This definitely isn’t your grandma’s old beach cruiser!

The 30A Electric Bike is truly a next-level mode of transportation that builds on both The 30A Company’s and YOLO’s core values of eco-responsibility and fun, while also adding to your health and happiness. There’s nothing quite like getting around in style and feeling good about the positive difference you’re making in yourself and for our environment while doing it.

As for power and dependability, the 30A Electric Bike can be ridden using pedal-assist mode or as a full-throttle electric powered bike, pedal-free. The 30A E-Cruiser offers a 36-volt battery that allows you to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. Something many other electric bikes can’t do. For comparison, this would allow you to travel the entire length of the famous Scenic Highway 30A almost three times.

Check out 30A’s favorite furry friend Cosmo enjoying his afternoon cruise on a 30A Electric Bike

Cosmo cruisin’ on 30A E-Cruiser Electric Bike!

COSMO ???? enjoying his afternoon cruise on a 30A ⚡???? electric bike: https://www.30agear.com/collections/electric-bikes

Posted by 30A on Monday, 23 December 2019

The bikes also come standard with a waterproof, easy-to-navigate large-screen LCD display showing your miles, speed, and battery charge. The 30A Electric Bike is built to last with a rust-resistance aluminum alloy frame and a high-performance chain with maximum anti-rust protection for long-term, smooth cycling.

With 3” wide, 26-inch diameter tires, the bikes are able to roll right over most objects you’ll encounter on your ride, while also providing stress absorption to keep the ride comfortable and fun. As for coming to a quick stop, the 30A Electric Bike comes standard with front and rear disc brakes providing stronger braking power and definite safety advantage over many other bikes and brands.

These electric bikes also come with an array of model-specific design features found only on the 30A bikes, including a special edition 30A medallion, and YOLO badge, a beachy-looking rear wood rack, and six coastal color hues. However, these bikes, don’t just look good, they are quality pieces of transportation that will give you years of service with a smile on your face.

“We only put our famous 30A logo on the highest-quality products in the market. Without question YOLO Board makes the best standup paddleboards, bikes, and electric bikes in the business,” said 30A founder Mike Ragsdale.

In addition to these cool bikes, YOLO and 30A collaborate on many products including 30A YOLO boards, as well as countless events, photoshoots, and activities. The two companies are also responsible for co-founding The Sonder Project, along with rental management company, 360 Blue, and continue to serve those in need, with various hurricane relief efforts.

YOLO Board’s founder, Jeff Archer went on to say this about the collaborations, “30A and YOLO Board were created around the same time, and over the years we’ve mentored and supported each other. While our brands operate in similar arenas, we reach very different audiences, so collaborations have almost been effortless among our teams.”

You Only Live Once…Enjoy the ride!

The 30A Electric Bike retails for just $2,595 and comes standard with the following features, a money-back guarantee and fast shipping:

  • 350 Watt Rear Hub Motor provides serious acceleration, offering a 20 mph top speed
  • 36V Long-Lasting Lithium Battery, allowing you to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge
  • 26″ tires
  • 3″ wide Fat Tires
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • LED headlamp and rear tail light
  • Waterproof Control Panel with Backlit LCD Screen
  • Rear Wood Rack, LED Headlight, and Classic Bike Bell
  • Available in 6 cool coastal and classic colors each with custom 30A logos
  • Men’s and Women’s styles, offering step-through capability.

Check out the full line of colors below:

Electric Bike Ride Down 30A

Check out these bike ride VIEWS! https://30a.com/electric-bikes/ YOLO Board + Bike #electricbike

Posted by 30A on Thursday, 24 March 2022

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