JANUARY: 30A Songwriters Festival

30A Songwriters Festival Shawn Mullins
Shawn Mullins at 30A Songwriters Festival

January 17-19 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend

It started out as a pretty cool little idea about bringing world-class songwriting talents to South Walton during January (a slower month that visitors typically don’t associate with a weekend trip the beach).

What few people expected was just how many of those world-class music industry talents (from Nashville and around the globe) would jump aboard so quickly and enthusiastically, and just a few years later, 30A Songwriters Festival is unquestionably one of South Walton’s most successful annual events.

Staged by Walton County’s Cultural Arts Alliance, in conjunction with a multitude of local venues eager to host the music-loving masses, 30A Songwriters Festival is as much of a hit as the #1 tunes written by so many festival performers.

Kelsey Anna Songwriters
Kelsey Anna at 30A Songwriters Festival

Pick an intimate venue and sit in silent awe as Grammy-winning writers and musicians take the stage, or, circle all of your must-sees on the festival schedule and make your way up and down 30A in search of the perfect soundtrack.

TIP: Be sure to attend at least one songwriter’s workshop to learn how some of the most talented writers in the industry go from creative spark to Top 10 list.

30A.com and SouthWalton.com are proud sponsors of the annual 30A Songwriters Festival. For information about this year’s big event, check out www.30asongwritersfestival.com.


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