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30A Stickers Raise Record Amount for Alaqua Animal Refuge

Did you know we’ve printed over 2.6 million of our famous round blue 30A stickers and they can now be spotted all over the world? Although we give 30A stickers away for free in local businesses, we’ve set up donation boxes in many locations to encourage direct donations to Alaqua Animal Refuge, Walton County’s no-kill animal shelter.

We are proud to announce that 30A fans have been very generous again this year, with your 30A sticker donations totaling $38,238 over the last 12 months.

In fact, since our partnership began, 30A sticker donation boxes have raised over $370,000 in total donations for Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Laurie Hood founded Alaqua Animal Refuge in 2007.

The refuge is currently located on 10 acres of farmland in Freeport, Florida, along Choctawhatchee Bay. Alaqua adopts as many as 100 new animals every month, and the is home to hundreds of animals at any given time. It costs $80,000 every month to keep the refuge running, which is dependent on private donations to survive.

“This money helps us provide food, medical care and rehabilitation for the hundreds of homeless, abused and neglected animals that cross through our gates,” said Laurie Hood, Alaqua’s founder.

Hood said the impact from the 30A sticker program continues to grow, which is good because Alaqua’s staff is preparing to move to a much larger, 100-acre facility nearby, which will allow them to provide care for even more animals.

Photo: Alaqua Animal Refuge

“Support from the 30A sticker program has been truly remarkable this year,” said Hood. “Every time we go to visit the 30A stores, the collection boxes are always full.”

“Our team and our family are so proud to help support Laurie’s vision of providing a true sanctuary for lost and distressed animals,” said 30A’s Angela Ragsdale, who also volunteers to serve on Alaqua’s Board of Directors. “30A friends and fans have been so generous, and we hope they know how much their donations will impact and improve the lives of animals in desperate need.”

Any local business that would like to have an Alaqua Animal Refuge 30A Sticker donation box is asked to please call Alaqua at 850-880-6399.

For more information about Alaqua Animal Refuge, visit alaqua.org.

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