30A Sticker Donation Boxes Raise $40,000 for Alaqua Animal Refuge

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Mrs. Field’s in Silver Sands
Jayson Self, Manager of Mrs. Field’s in Silver Sands, proudly stands by the shop’s donation box. [Photo courtesy of l. gall & company]
Alaqua Animal Refuge and 30A.com announced that their “30A Sticker Donation Box” partnership has raised $40,000 for the local charity to-date.

Although 30A.com gives away its famous round Gulf-blue decals for free in local businesses, donation boxes have been set-up in many locations to encourage contributions to Walton County’s premiere “no-kill” shelter, located on a 10-acre farm in Freeport. The 30A Sticker donation box program raised over $14,000 in its first 12 months, and over $25,000 this year, making 30A.com one of the refuge’s largest monetary supporters.

“Both visitors and locals have been so generous this year,” said Ann Nicolson, an Alaqua Animal Refuge volunteer. “It requires over $50,000 per month to keep so many animals properly fed and cared for, so every bit helps.”

Alaqua Animal Refuge has helped find homes for more than 8,000 animals to-date, with up to 100 animals being adopted every month, and it serves as a refuge to as many as 250 animals at any given time.

“With $25,000, we can feed over 400 homeless dogs or cats for three months, spay or neuter about 600 animals, provide life-saving annual immunizations to 1,200 puppies and kittens, or feed 40 horses food and hay for six months,” said volunteer Linda Draper.

Fred is currently awaiting adoption at Alaqua.

“Our no-kill shelter and adoption center is entirely dependent on donations,” said Laurie Hood, Alaqua Animal Refuge’s President and Founder. “Every dollar generated through the program helps us save the lives of homeless, abused and neglected animals.”

“We’ve given away over 340,000 stickers so far, and we were so excited and proud to learn how much money has been generated for this amazing local charity,” said 30A.com’s Mike Ragsdale, who added that the decals are sponsored by www.BeautifulBeach.com. “It’s truly a perfect partnership: Fans get a free memento of their time here on 30A, Alaqua Animal Refuge receives the donations, and thousands of animals are provided an opportunity to live happy and healthy lives.”

Any local businesses that would like to have an Alaqua Animal Refuge / 30A Sticker donation box is asked to please call 850-880-6399.

For more information about Alaqua Aninmal Refuge, apply for an adoption, or donate to the organization, please visit www.AlaquaAnimalRefuge.org; or call 850.880.6399. Alaqua Animal Refuge also has a very popular Facebook fan page.
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