We Only Need 300 More Names! - 30A

We Only Need 300 More Names!

Over 2,700 locals have signed-up to help keep Walton County scenic. Once we reach 3,000 names, the State of Florida will manufacture Scenic Walton’s new charity license plates.

100% of revenue goes directly to Scenic Walton, a nonprofit that works on beautification projects throughout Walton County, including landscaping roadways, improving pedestrian and cyclist paths, and under-grounding overhead utilities. This is the only license plate that generates revenue for beautification projects in Walton County. Florida’s normal $33 registration fee is FREE for the first 3,000 people who sign-up below. When your new charity tag arrives later this year, the State of Florida will charge a “plate change” fee of $30, then when you renew your charity tag in future years, the State keeps $8 and $25 goes directly to Scenic Walton. If you own vehicles registered in Florida, please help keep Walton County scenic by getting a charity tag for every driver, car, truck, golf cart, RV and trailer in your household! If you have questions, please read our Scenic Walton Charity Tag FAQs or email us.

30A Tag Registration Form
If you are getting a tag for yourself, please list your name here EXACTLY as it appears on your Florida Driver’s License. If you’re getting it for someone else, put their name here instead.
Each tag must be assigned to a different Florida motorist. For each tag, please list the Recipient’s name EXACTLY as it appears on their Florida Driver’s License.