What Makes a Great Beach Bar? (We’ve Got Answers)

Where’s a better place to get a drink than a beach bar? They can be fancy or a pure dive as long as the backdrop is beach! They offer great service, inventive drinks, and some of the most beautiful scenery around.

There are more than a few unbelievable beach bars in our neck of the woods here in Northwest Florida, but we’ve identified a few more from some distant locales.

Here are some terrific beach bars from around the globe.

Lava Lava Beach Club in Waikoloa, Hawaii

Photo courtesy: Lava Lava Beach Club Facebook page

At this bar, you can have a seat in paradise along with live music every night. If you’d rather watch nature’s show than a man-made one, you can sip a drink while watching an out-of-this-world sunset. During whale season, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the majestic creatures.

Lani Kai on Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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With its awe-inspiring views, this bar is a great place to be toes in the sand with a drink in the hand.

You’ll have your choice between six different bars here.

At times, the scene here can get a bit wild so it’s a hotspot for the younger crowd or simply those who are young at heart. Even if you overindulge in the delicious drinks here, you’ll still have a time to remember.

The Blue Lounge at Moonshadows in Malibu, California

Bars come and go during the years, but Moonshadows has stood the test of time – it’s been in operation for more than 40 years.

With a backdrop of the incoming waves and rocks along the shore, it’s no wonder this hotspot is a romantic place to take a date.

Fiji’s Floating Paradise

Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only two level floating platform with an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria surrounded by turquoise blue water and picturesque views.

Wreck Bar at Grand Cayman

Although the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman attracts a lot of tourists, going a little further off the beaten path will bring you a big reward if you’re looking for a great beach bar. The Wreck Bar is about an hour’s drive from Seven Mile Beach.

It has the distinction of being the birthplace of the mudslide, a drink made with Kahlua, Baileys, and vodka.

In addition to being a fun and gorgeous place to spend the day, this bar offers top-notch food and hammocks to relax in.

Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil

If a beach with a daybed sounds dreamy to you, Ponta dos Ganchos is the place to be.

The views are out of this world and it’s a hub for ritzy and privacy-loving people.

They’re willing to pay top dollar for its location on the Emerald Coast in Brazil on a private and secluded peninsula.

Shipwreck Hut on Cook Islands

Every day feels like a vacation at this bar. With drinks that are served in a low-key style, hammocks to kick back in, and barbecues for whenever you get hungry, this bar is a great place to be.

With its basic seating and rustic vibe, you’ll feel like you’re hanging out at a friend’s house at this bar.

Babis Bar in Kalymnos, Greece

Photo: Google/Nigel Yexley

Kalymnos, a Greek island that sits near Kos, is a favorite of beachgoers. One thing that makes this beach bar so special is the tasty Greek food you can get here. With all the swimming you can handle in the nearby swimming pool, you’ll have plenty of time and activity to work up a thirst.

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