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Paws and Sunshine: Celebrate and Adopt on 30A

By: Abbie Lee Webster | Posted Jun 2, 2024

30A is filled with opportunities to experience sweet moments that you will treasure forever! Whether it’s soaking up a colorful sunset beside our crystal blue ocean, adventuring our wildlife-rich trails, enjoying a competitive game of tennis or pickleball, or indulging in a fantastic meal beside the coast, it’s no surprise that, here at 30A, you will be face to face with some of life’s most precious moments. And what better way to experience those moments than with man’s best friend?

“Dogs help human beings live in the present”- Robert S. Davis.

Many of 30A’s beloved towns feature the special relationship between an owner and their dog. In Grayton Beach, the beloved “The New Dogs of Grayton” mural shares a visual celebration of Grayton’s cherished pets. The mural attracts dog-lovers from all around and is now recognized as a piece of local history. In Seaside, there are many nods to the small town’s famous dachshunds: Bud and Guinness. Both dachshunds have become a loving inspiration for names of local restaurants, annual events, and merchandise. In Rosemary Beach, dogs are celebrated everywhere! You can stop by the late George Rodrigue’s 8-foot artistic dog sculpture and see the town’s love for dogs displayed in art, visit the world-rated Rosemary Beach Racquet Club and meet Cody, the town’s beloved Schnoodle and “racquet club mascot,” or you can shop at Huck and Harlowe: a family run dog boutique that sells everything needed to spoil your pooch!

Dog lovers have successfully expressed themselves all across 30A, but perhaps the place that has made the biggest impact on our furry friends is Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Alaqua Animal Refuge provides a safe and loving shelter to over 500 animals at a time. Founded in 2007, the no-kill facility has successfully found forever homes for tens of thousands of animals, with over 100 adoptions completed every month. Just 20 minutes north of 30A’s stunning beaches, the Alaqua Animal Refuge is located on 100-acres in Freeport, Florida. Alaqua believes that, “no dream is too big when it comes to saving the lives of innocent animals.”

Alaqua Animal Refuge functions as a non-profit organization operating solely on donations and fund-raising events. The shelter is abundantly thankful for an engaged community that finds value in rescuing, caring for, and rehoming neglected animals. Alaqua Animal Refuge Center’s mission is: “To be a leading advocate for all animals, to maximize the healing power animals have on the human spirit, and to provide shelter, safety, and second chances to animals in need.” As expressed in their mission, not only does the refuge save and rehome neglected animals, they recognize the restorative power that is found in time spent alongside them. Alaqua has developed programs that “serve members of our community in all walks of life, from young children with developmental delays and special needs to senior citizens who can benefit from the companionship of one of our animals.” The animal refuge recognizes the joy that these animals can bring and is working hard to change our lives for the better, alongside theirs.

Over the years, The 30A Company has donated over 4.5 million of its iconic blue stickers and raised over $370,000 in support of Alaqua.

Their mission resonated with recent 30A local, Shanna Dickerson, in a profound way. Dickerson moved to the area two years ago from Charleston, South Carolina, and she, alongside many of our community, has experienced the joy of having a dog be a part of her family. Dakota, Dickerson’s yellow lab of sixteen years, was a joy and inspiration to her. Dickerson shared, “I always say that Dakota was my first love, he was a huge inspiration to me …they do so much for so many people.”

Today, Dickerson serves on the board for Alaqua Animal Refuge, and has excitingly worked alongside Alaqua to launch a new campaign to encourage local businesses to participate in sharing about the life-changing work being done by the shelter.

“Take Out Tails” recently launched as an adoption campaign for local 30A businesses to include at their cash registers, hand out with their delivery and to-go orders, or post in their stores. The campaign encourages families to “adopt a pet and savor the love.”

Here at 30A, we are proud to partner with Alaqua Animal Refuge and this new adoption campaign. We recognize the impact dogs have on so many of our beloved communities and the joy they bring to so many of our visiting and local families. It is an honor to bring awareness and support to an organization with such a pure mission. We invite other local 30A businesses to consider joining the “Take Out Tails” adoption campaign and provide both a dog with the opportunity to find its forever home, and a family to experience the joy of a built-in best friend.

to learn more about the “Take Out Tails: Adopt a Pet and Savor the Love” adoption campaign, contact Shanna Dickerson at 615-604-2447 or email at [email protected].



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Abbie Lee Webster a 30A local, is a recent journalism graduate passionate about immersive storytelling. When not writing, Abbie Lee can be found playing with her golden retriever, hitting tennis, or collecting seashells along the coast.