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30A Trainers Reveal Their Best Tips to Achieve a Beach Body

By: Sara Petit | Posted May 10, 2021

As the cold weather is fading and summer days approach, most of us are gearing up for fun times in the sun. There are vacations to plan, kids to entertain, and fitness regimes to start. Now that we are a few months past the new year, some of our resolutions to become healthier may have faded into the background of busy schedules. The good news is that it’s never too late to start building a healthier you. In case you are in need of a little inspiration and motivation, I asked local trainers for their top tip for getting your body beach-ready. They gave me some great advice so you can look and feel your best for this upcoming season.



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SEAN MILLER, also known as the travel trainer on 30A, says to just get out there and sweat. Breaking a sweat releases endorphins best known as the happy hormone to boost your mood and your energy levels. Along with making you feel better sweating also clears your pores of any toxins that could be trapped under the skin. If you live in the South, breaking a sweat should come pretty easily as the days start to heat up. Go outside for a walk or run, ride your bike, or play something fun like paddle ball or beach volleyball. If you want a more relaxing way to get your sweat on, things like saunas or steam rooms might be for you. Don’t forget that while you’re sweating everything out of your system you are also losing a lot of water which means you need to replenish your tank with more.


KYLE HIGGINBOTTOM, trainer at TOPS’L and Grand Fitness, says to pick things up. It could be weights at the gym or your baby at home. Anything with resistance that is putting strain on your muscles is going to get your body burning calories and building muscle. Building muscle is great for a variety of reasons including building strength, increasing metabolism, and reducing fat. Major lifts to focus on are bench press, squat, overhead press, and deadlifts. Those big compound lifts recruit your entire body to help stabilize the movement allowing for multiple muscle groups to be worked and more calories burned. If you are unfamiliar with weight training it is highly recommended to get a trainer to teach proper form and prevent injury.


This is a tough one. Staying consistent in any new fitness routine is a universal struggle. Life is hectic and there always seems to be something more enticing than taking an hour to hit the gym. CLARISSA SEALES, a trainer at Grayton Beach Fitness, Grand Fitness, and Sand Dunes Strength and Conditioning encourages you to find something you love that makes you want to show up over and over again. She reminds us that fitness is not always easy but it can be fun. Once the habit is formed and your body starts to adapt to the added stress that comes with physical activity you start to crave the rush of endorphins and empowered feeling of showing up and doing what you know is best for your body. Clarissa also advises time management and increasing your whole food intake. Whether it is learning how to meal prep or scheduling specific workout times each week, try to find a way to hold yourself accountable for making time to prioritize your health.

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Now, this is the most important one – PAUL HUNTER, owner and operator at Grayton Beach Fitness, reminds us to get comfortable with ourselves. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how much you weigh, or what size you wear, put on the swimsuit and walk to the beach with your head held high. We encourage fitness as a way to enhance your life. It gives you more endurance to go about daily activities, increases your life span, and overall just makes you feel better. Eating whole foods, moving more, and making time for yourself are so important in order to max out your body and mind’s full potential.


Whatever it is you like to do I encourage you to get up and start today. Restart something that you used to love or find something new to spark your interest. Here at the beach fun activities that will make you forget that you are even exercising include: Paddle boarding, beach walks, hikes through our unique state parks, bike rides down scenic 30A, and swimming in the gulf. These are just a few of the great activities that await you on the Gulf Coast. Don’t wait to get started. The time is now! You’re only a few elevated heartbeats away from living your best life.

Sara Petit is a Santa Rosa Beach native, world traveler, and fitness enthusiast. She enjoys applying her knowledge to promote positive self-image and general physical health. You can find her working at The Red Bar & Louis Louis, or running around the beaches of 30A. Follow her adventures on Instagram@sara.petit97