Locals at Play: Grayton Beach Volleyball Sets Up Weekly - 30A

Locals at Play: Grayton Beach Volleyball Sets Up Weekly

You will find them on the beach every Monday and Wednesday after work unloading beach chairs, coolers, putting up nets, and getting ready for a fun evening of volleyball. Grayton Beach Volleyball isn’t a formal club, but it’s become known around the community as a fun place to play, socialize and watch the sun set with friends, old and new.

Games are held almost every Monday and Wednesday. As many as 50-60 players show up on most game days. Pop-up games happen throughout the week depending on the weather and interest. No experience is necessary with players ranging from beginners to former college athletes.

Steve Paul, far right, put together this group in 2018. Photos/Video: Mason McAnally & Christine Robertson.

30A local Steve Paul, who had no previous volleyball experience, started Grayton Beach Volleyball in 2018 after looking for a beach activity. “There are more things to do around here than drinking,” he laughs.

“Being on the beach is the ultimate goal, isn’t it, playing as the sun sets.”