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6 Ways To Beach-Up Your Home Bar

Want to keep rolling with that vacation vibe when you get home from your next beach trip? Those feelings of relaxation and freedom never have to end, even if there is no water in sight. Simply create your own home beach bar.

When you’re ready to get your beach happy hour on, a few well-placed items can be enough to give your space a tropical feel. Or, if you’re the type to dive right in, you can jump into deeper waters by setting up a full-fledged tiki bar in your basement, garage, or shed. If you need some inspiration, here are some beach-themed items to get you started.

1. Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Buffett, or if you’re someone who appreciates a well-blended frozen concoction that helps you hang on, this unit doesn’t disappoint. You can change your attitude without traveling a mile with a Margaritaville drink maker in your home bar. With different models to choose from, there’s an ideal one for each drinker, whether you’re more of a party-of-one type or the organizer of epic block parties. Any frozen drink aficionado knows the perfect concoction is all about the ice. With this one, you’ll get shaved ice rather than crushed ice that blocks your straw. When you’re done partying, you can put all the parts in the dishwasher to avoid wasting away your clean-up time.

Website: margaritavillecargo.com
Price: $245 and up

2. 30A Wine Glasses

When you’re sitting on a stool at your outdoor home bar and sipping on the wine of your choice, that ocean breeze can impolitely place all kinds of litter in your drink. If you don’t want Mother Nature dropping debris and bugs in your drink, our 30A wine glasses come to the rescue with their protective lids. And if your bar is located indoors, the bright, beachy colors of the wine glasses will fit right in with your tropical decor.

Website: 30Agear.com
Price: $18 and up

3. Lightshare Lighted Palm Tree

There’s just something relaxing about palm trees – when you see one, it’s a reminder to slow down and be in the moment. Now you can enjoy that feeling in the middle of winter, no matter where you live, with this Lightshare lighted tree. If you don’t have tropical weather in your backyard, it’s a fun and kitchy substitute to beach-up any bar. It also serves as another source of mood lighting in your basement, backyard, garage, or shed. It comes in two heights: seven feet and five feet, and both sizes come with a 16-foo.t cord.

Website: Amazon.com
Price: $79 and up

4. Island Jay Beach Coasters

Drink coasters can protect the surfaces of your furniture and add a burst of color or a humorous vibe to your home beach bar. You can even place beach-focused coasters throughout your house to carry the same theme. Island Jay has an assortment of funny and inspiring coasters to choose from, including one that reads “Salt water heals everything.” while another reads “My birthstone is a seashell.” Since they’re affordable, you won’t have to worry about spending much to replace them if your tipsy guests “misplace” them. This is also a fun and inexpensive gift to brighten any beach fan’s day. Great stocking stuffer too!

Website: islandjay.com
Price: $2.95 and up

5. Lizton Sign Shop Bar Sign

Signs are a quick and effortless way to introduce any emotion you want into your home beach bar. You can hit people in the feels with a well-placed sign that makes them reflect upon their life or choices, or you can make people chuckle with something humorous. Remind your guests and yourself to drink-up with this colorful sign that urges, “Swim like a mermaid, drink like a fish.” This sign can work in a basement or withstand the elements if you’re placing it outside for a patio or poolside home bar. Those who like to support US-based businesses will be happy to know this company’s shop is located in Indiana. If this sign’s color scheme doesn’t work with your decor, the company has other beach-inspired signs.

Website: wayfair.com
Price: $24.95

6. Caron’s Beach House Coastal Glassware

The surrounding decor is just one of the key elements of creating a beach bar, but finding the right glassware is essential, too. Caron’s Beach House has several motifs to choose from in an assortment of martini, rocks, old-fashioned, flute, pint, and wine glasses. You can also find beach-themed decanters, pitchers, ice buckets, and carafes. Designs include classics such as schools of fish, compasses, crustaceans, dolphins, whales, flamingos, herons, mermaids, seahorses, starfish, shells, and more. If you’re looking to add some upscale elegance to your beachy home glassware, this is a sure-fire way to do it.

Website: caronsbeachhouse.com
Price: $47 and up

For more coastal-inspired, eco-friendly gear and gifts, check out 30Agear.com.