Who's buying the next 30A Beach Blonde Ale? Here's How to Decide. - 30A

Who’s buying the next 30A Beach Blonde Ale? Here’s How to Decide.

30A Beach Blonde Ale by Grayton Beer is one of the southeast’s top-selling craft beers. Of course, if you’re hitting the actual sand, be sure to pack our beach-friendly 30A cans with you (#1 beach beer rule: No glass on the beach!). But when you find yourself at home or in your favorite beach bar indulging in a tall, ice-cold bottle of 30A Beach Blonde Ale, we’ve built-in a fun and easy way to decide who’s picking up the next round.

After you pop-off the blue 30A bottle cap, flip it over. Underneath, you’ll discover one of three symbols: a hook, a crab or a shark.

Think of this as “Rock, Paper, Scissors: Beach Edition.” The hook catches the shark. The shark eats the crab (yes, they do – look it up). The crab cuts the hook.

So the next time you’re enjoying a cold bottle of 30A Beach Blonde Ale, flip over the little blue bottle cap, and challenge your beach buddies to a drinking game! You could save up to 50% off your next beer tab! ???? ????

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