Blazzed Barrels Takes Beach Bonfires to the Next Level

Photo by Sean Murphy

Blazzed Barrels

Blazzed Barrels has found a way to to step up the beach bonfire game.

Kyle Lage and his business partner, a former tattoo artist, cut detailed, custom images into the sides of old 55-gallon metal drums before lighting fires inside.

Once the bonfire is lit, the embers light up the designs while flames lap out of the cut-out shapes, adding an even more mesmerizing visual aspect to a bonfire on the beautiful beaches of 30A.

Some of Lage’s favorite custom designs include one they did with scuba divers, reef and marine life and the barrel they did for YOLO Board, which featured a paddle boarder, seagulls, sea turtles and a sun.

Business has literally fired-up since the company started, Lage said. All last year, they cut 50 barrels total. But just a few weeks ago, they cut 12 barrels in one week — and summer isn’t even here yet.

Check out Blazzed Barrels in action:

Click here to see more designs and learn how to order your own custom bonfire barrel.

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