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Trattoria Borago: A Family-Friendly Legacy-Style Restaurant Featuring Authentic Italian Food

Looking for some seriously legit homemade Italian fare? Trattoria Borago in Grayton Beach, Florida is one of Scenic Highway 30A’s best and longest-running restaurants. Located directly on 30A, here’s everything you need to know about this local favorite.

The Making of the Menu

Trattoria Borago is owned by chefs Michael Dragon and Mark Anton. Dragon, a New York native, discovered his interest in cooking early on in life, studying the culinary arts for years before following his dream to open a restaurant. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Anton spent time in Greece, Panama, and South Carolina and fell in love with cooking in an island resort kitchen. After meeting Dragon, the two purchased Borago and chose to keep the name but completely reinvent the space and concept before revealing their vision in March 2000.

Homemade Italian Food 

Borago is consistently voted as one of the Scenic Highway 30A’s hottest spots for Italian cuisine. Since Borago is firmly focused on creating high-quality Italian homemade food, the menu naturally begins with a selection of antipasti. Guests can select from starter dishes such as pan-seared scallops with soft cheese polenta and roasted tomato butter sauce, panko-parmesan crusted fried oysters or a classic tomato bisque with fresh basil. Plus, guests will be given complimentary homemade focaccia with balsamic vinegar to keep hunger at bay before the main meal is served. Trust us, the homemade focaccia alone is worth a visit to Borago.

The ‘Primi’ menu is the first hot course served, with both meat and fish options. For those searching for a contemporary take on a classic Italian pasta, this is where you’ll find most of the penne, linguine, and bolognese options. But don’t expect a large portion. Primi dishes are designed to give you a taste of what’s to come and not to fill you up straight away. If you’re looking for something fresh and zesty instead of creamy and heavy, try one of Borago’s delicious salads.

Moving onto Borago’s ‘Secondi’ menu, or the ‘main’ meal, you can indulge in 8oz filet mignon with soft clouds of whipped potato and haricot verts, or opt for a vegetarian/ plant-based choice such as roasted eggplant lasagne. You’ll also typically find seafood options on Borago’s classic Italian ‘Secondi’ menu.

As for desserts, Trattoria Borago offers a small dessert menu that usually includes a dark chocolate creme brulee, an indulgent Tiramisu, and a seasonal crisp with vanilla gelato. Of course, it all depends on the season in which you visit, as menu offerings often change to take advantage of the freshest ingredients of the seasons.

While diners at any other fine Italian restaurant will just order a glass of fine wine with their meal, don’t gloss over Trattoria Borago’s specialty cocktails menu. Their cocktails are excellent, as their bar-hugging regulars will enthusiastically attest. Sample a classic Old Fashioned, or their Pink Cello that uses house-made limoncello, or a Bellissimo Margarita for a taste of amaretto in a salt-sugar-rosemary rim glass. If you want to bring your own bottle of ‘vin’ to Borago, there’s a $25 corkage fee per bottle. 

The Right Ambiance 

Only open in the evenings, Borago projects a romantic, candle-lit vibe, although the bar is usually lively and bustling. Like other places, casual attire is welcome, but you can also dress to impress here.

Trattoria Borago is located directly on Scenic Highway 30A in Grayton Beach, Florida.. Borago is open from 5pm to 9pm, 7 days a week. There’s ample parking in front of Borago, as well as behind the building and even in spaces along 30A. 

Due to its popularity, we highly recommend making reservations at Trattoria Borago. If you show up without booking ahead, you might have a hard time getting a table, although if you get there early enough, you can sometimes belly-up to the popular bar if you can squeeze in between Borago’s loyal locals.

To secure your spot at Borago, call 85-213-4156 or 850-213-4157. 




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