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Say Aloha to Daytrader, the New Tiki Bar Coming to Seaside This Spring

By: Carrie Honaker | Posted Jan 24, 2023

A new spot is coming to Seaside in Spring 2023 and there will be bad-ass tiki cocktails to toast the sunset. Chef Nikhil Abuvala, the genius behind Roux 30A and Nanbu, is creating a close to 5,000-square-foot space where guests can, “…trade a day at the office for a day at the beach.” 

The Daytrader Tiki Bar & Restaurant draws inspiration from the countries and cuisines found in Polynesia with a respectable nod to Hawaii and tiki culture.

According to Abuvala, “Hawaii will be our main influence, but we’ll also draw from the Philippines, Thailand, China, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. We’re blending many different things to create a tropical feel.” Abuvala emphasized though, he will not be utilizing totems or other items associated with cultural appropriation. It will be an homage to 1950s escapism and an appreciation of Polynesian culture.

Attendees at Seeing Red Wine Festival in Seaside in November nabbed a taste of what’s to come. Fest-goers feasted on Sloppy Koa heaped with Angus beef and pineapple cabbage slaw sandwiched between Hawaiian sweet rolls, Spam Crispy Rice layered with oyster sauce, nori, egg, and other goodies, tangy Wahoo Poke piled high with jalapeno, radish, ginger, and bits of scallion, and crispy Lumpia filled with tender pork and Mang Tomas Sarsa for a taste of the Philippines. 

Hungry yet? Stay tuned for Daytrader, the tropical escape on 30A. 

To learn more about Daytrader, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


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Carrie Honaker is a Florida-based freelance writer who is not sure where she will land next, but it will involve messy eating, a spicy Tempranillo, and finding the local dive bar. Her work has been featured in Wine Enthusiast, Bon Appetit, and others. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @writeonhonaker.